Rumored Upcoming High-Profile Performances for Gwen (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Guillermo Moreno for BSO
Photo courtesy of Guillermo Moreno for BSO

With a new single more than likely around the corner, a few clues have surfaced leading to two high-profile performances from Gwen including the Grammys.

According to a listing on a Toronto based classifieds site, Gwen is set to perform at the NBA All-Star Weekend Exclusive Pavilion Party on Friday, February 12. Ticket and event information is scarce at the moment and the Toronto Raptors basketball team had Tweeted out an image hinting at the performers appearing at the show, including a bunch of bananas referring to Gwen. The event is also listed on with celebrity guests set to be announced soon.


Toronto Sun is reporting that Gwen will be performing during the True North concert on Friday, February 12. More information and ticket packages to the event which kicks off on Friday and lasts all weekend in Roundhouse Park are available here. Sting has been announced as this year’s NBA All-Star halftime show performer.

As far as the Grammys are concerned, famed choreographer shared a photo from dance rehearsals this afternoon leaving the hashtags “#gwenstefaniauditions” and “#grammys”… which leads us to believe that Gwen may be set for a performance of some sort. Tricia Miranda also posted short video clips on Snapchat that had the auditions dancing to “Rich Girl”. The Grammys will air live the following Monday, February 15, and we couldn’t think of a more amazing platform to perform.

We’ll keep everyone updated on the latest and as of now neither one has yet to be confirmed.

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  1. If the Grammy performance is for real, I wanna believe is for a new song (what a better platform than that for it). I think the Rich Girl song was just been used as a “audition piece” (as Tricia pointed out in one of the snaps) for the dancers trying out. Wish for the best

  2. Imo I think she’s going to wrap up used to love you at the Grammys and close that chapter. But honestly I think she’s going to perform it again. If that tweet turns out to be true (girls look urban) it may just be a new single OR it’s possible that she does a medley of all her hits including UTLY

  3. Performing UTLY at the NBA event would be weird… a ballad in a sport event? My bet is she’s going for a medley if news of a new single dont start to pop up soon.

  4. I doubt it will be a medley. I’m pretty sure it will be a new single. For obvious reasons, as Jenny stated, they’d not be playing a new and unreleased single at the auditions.

  5. U obviously did not understand. I said it COULD be a medley, just because we are talking about Gwen and the lack of news about a single coming out. She did several interviews last week and did not even raise a buzz about a new song coming up and hardly gave a consistent update on the album. I did not even consider the music they auditioned to, specially since if she was to play old music, it would be HG for the 100000th time.

  6. a Grammy performance??? Idk about that… I’m sure the performance slots have been booked since before she even wrote UTLY. I mean the AMA’s is one thing.. But the Grammys? Am I the only one who sees this as far fetched? UTLY was a mild “hit”… And for the Grammys realistically ‘Hollaback Girl’ is her only hit. Maybe I’m wrong and she’ll perform?? Idk

  7. Performing a new and totally unknown single at the Grammys? Seems… unusual to say the least. I think she will perform UTLY at the Grammys. I know Gwen and Adam got to perform MHIO last year, which also wasn’t a hit (not even a single), but that was part of those “special” duets they had last year.

  8. I think Gwen might perform as part of the tribute for David Bowie at the Grammy awards. I doubt that they’ll have her perform a new single, especially as she hasn’t had a lot of commercial or critical success with her recent singles.

  9. I agree, I think a grammys performance is unlikely. 80% of the performers are nominees and then there’s like a big name performance (last year Madonna, Adele this year) and some tributes or duets.

    1. As if Gwen Stefani wasn’t a big name. LOL If she debuts her new single at the Grammys it’ll be a huge deal, not only for her but the Grammys itself.

  10. And yeah UTLY did pretty well but its definitely past its prime now, its #125 on itunes. Its a ridiculous move if she performs that instead of a new song.

  11. The Grammys would be weird since it traditionally celebrates music that has been released in 2015 or earlier and are nominated, big hits, about to be big hits, or classics. UTLY did “okay”, but if she is performing, it should be a new single to not beat a dead horse….but that would be weird too since she hasn’t mentioned a new single… The whole thing is weird I guess! Maybe she’s performing at an after party? We will see.

  12. ^Agreed. It had a moment, and then tanked fast. There are some pretty obscure songs in the Top 100 on iTunes, so it means something if it’s not even making that. I’ll be super bummed if we hear UTLY again. I do have faith though. She says in almost every interview how much material she has, and continues to write. It’s not improbable that she might finally be ready to show some of it. Her Instagram post of her praying on her knees in the studio and thanking God for a song comes to mind. Maybe she’s found a second single?

    1. I think UTLY exceeded expectations and she should be proud of its minor success. Even though I love UTLY and the performances of it have been really good, I don’t think there’s much more to see. It doesn’t have the “wow” factor that the Grammys would be looking for.

      1. I doubt she will be performing UTLY at the Grammys. At least I hope not. People are highly anticipating a new single.

  13. UTLY started to fizzle this last week on the charts… it was big in iTunes– but radio sucked. I’m excited for the next song. I really have hope she’ll have at least 1 or more top 10 song on this album.

    1. Yeah…I think there are a lot of international fans on here and they overestimate her star power in the U.S… Gwen is well-liked here, but she has never been as big as Adele or Madonna…. If she were UTLY wouldn’t be sitting at #80 on the Hot 100 🙁

      1. Im outside US and situation here on Brazil is pretty much the same… she is well know and liked but not considered a superstar. At least the fans down here are very aware that Gwen and ND are considered a bit of “has been” and “OMG are they still around?”

        1. I think some fans are in for a disappointment when the album isn’t a massive hit like they think it will be. It will sell better than PAS, but she will be lucky to go Gold. Gwen’s fanbase is older now and not what it used to be.

  14. Yeah it’s probably a medley or tribute, if there was a second single around the corner Gwen surely would’ve hinted at it during the recent interviews and to perform UTLY again would indeed be like beating a dead horse …
    I think we have to resign ourselves that Gwen is never going to be as huge of a star again as she was in the Don’t Speak or Hollaback Girl days. But if she continues to be able to do what she loves and it’s something that makes us, the fans, happy then that’s all that matters right?

  15. Yeah she’s like holding auditions for dancers to pay tribute to David Bowie. Like it totally makes sense. lol It’s obvious it will be for a new single. Dancers also posted photos when they were choreographing for the AMAs.

  16. You guys are 110%%%% right about the Bowie tribute!! And to be completely honest I’d much rather see her do a Bowie song than a new song. Bowie is a GOD. And yes @ndlover she would hold auditions for her back up dancers for any performances she does. I love Gwen with all my heart but the truth is she’s not as big as some of you think. The biggest thing in her career right now is her link to Blake Shelton.

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