Rumor Patrol: Is L.A.M.B. Heading To Fashion Week In February?

Hmm… we are hoping so! Nothing has been confirmed, but Gwen’s nanny Tweeted that she needed to get in shape for New York Fashion Week in February… so does that mean the family and crew are heading out for L.A.M.B.? Gwen showed last February so we are crossing our fingers! Once we hear more we will share!

According to NYC Fashion Info, Fall and Winter collections will be shown February 10-17, 2011.

4 Replies to “Rumor Patrol: Is L.A.M.B. Heading To Fashion Week In February?”

  1. And may I ask why does the Nanny have to get in shape for fashion week? Will she be on the runway? *Rolls eyes*

  2. The last time we fans used nannyontheroads tweet as a sign of the future not only did she stop tweeting BUT wasn’t seen much after that with the kids. Perhaps we should acknowledge and move on from what they share on a protected twitter. This is someones job, and I’d hate to think we’d put that in jeopardy.

    1. I agree. What Gwen’s nanny tweets is her business. If her tweets are protected it’s for a reason. I’m a big ND fan too – but reporting on the nanny’s tweets is going too far.

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