Gwen Styling The Girls On Tonight’s American Idol; Videos Added

So it seems as if Gwen was just on for a split-second at the very beginning of the show, but all of the girl contestants look fabulous in L.A.M.B. and red lipstick tonight. We will have photos and videos up for everyone soon! Sorry to get people’s hopes up who were expecting more, but it was a nice surprise!

Let’s cross our fingers for more Gwen footage tomorrow during the results show!

The videos have been added! The girls look AMAZING — and totally Gwen! We love it!

And how cute! American Idol just Tweeted this from backstage!

@AmericanIdol The #idol girls look SLAMMIN’ in L.A.M.B. tonight thanks to the incomparable #GwenStefani

Gwen styled all the girls in L.A.M.B. tonight! Can’t wait to see! And it’s said that Gwen WILL BE ON TONIGHT –if so, it might be a taped segment, but we’ll see. We will keep you posted!

Well, it’s true. Host Ryan Seacrest confirmed on his Twitter (the same message as below) that Gwen “styled” the girls on American Idol. It doesn’t say anything about her being there, and I keep looking online, and haven’t found anything. We will let you know! The show goes live in four hours on the East Coast!

Woah — what?! Thanks to Amanda for Tweeting us… has anyone heard about this?

@beaconstreet RT @dizzyfeet: Featured on the show tonight @iamwill and Gwen Stefani styled the girls. #AmericanIdol @nodoubt

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