Rumor Patrol: Gwen Stefani Dreading Tour


The reason I named this post “rumor patrol” is because I think the title is very misleading in the sense that they took a quote from Gwen in a recent radio interview about touring with the kids…in a way. She’s talking about the kids will be separated between herself and Gavin and it will be really tough on her. Zuma will be with Gwen the entire time and is around the same age as King was on The Sweet Escape tour. The article was taken from AOL Canada this morning.

Gwen Stefani says being separated from her son will make her feel a “new level of pain”.

The 39-year-old singer – who has sons Kingston, two, and six-month-old Zuma with husband Gavin Rossdale – is due to tour with her reformed band No Doubt later this year and is devastated the shows will mean being parted from Kingston.

She said: “Kingston is going to be hopping back and forth between me and Gavin. Me and Gavin are used to being away from each other. But with Kingston it is going to be a whole different level of pain. It’s going to be really hard.

“I think he will find it fun but it’s going to be hard for me and Gavin. It’s going to be crazy. I took Kingston with me on the ‘Sweet Escape’ tour and we had a lot of fun. Now Zuma is going to come with me on the No Doubt tour and he will be the same age Kingston was. We’ll have fun.”

Gwen recently admitted she and Gavin have given Kingston a nickname because he is currently going through a difficult stage.

She said: “Kingston is in that terrible twos. Gavin calls him Sid Vicious. He’s like, ‘You gave birth to Sid Vicious.’ He’s definitely got an attitude and Zuma is the opposite. He’s like this cool, laidback, easy-going guy – is that always how it is?”

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