Rumor Patrol: Gwen NOT Joining Prince Onstage Tonight

Perez Hilton has since taken down the Tweets. What was the point of that? So it’s not true, Gwen is NOT performing with Prince tonight. Sorry for the false alarm.

Hmm… so Prince isn’t scheduled until April 21 at the LA Forum… maybe he’s confused about the date? Or another “Gwen Stefani”? A private function? We will see…

This would be pretty cool! Perez Hilton (ugh) just Tweeted that Gwen will be/has joined Prince onstage tonight at his concert in Los Angeles. Has anyone else heard about this? I hope it turns out to be true — we will let you know!

Sources tells me that Gwen Stefani is joining Prince on stage at his concert in L.A. tonight! Can’t wait to see him later this week!!!
9 minutes ago

P.S. Gwen’s gonna sing with Prince. Not one of the people he picks to dance with him. But, who knows, maybe she will dance too! Ha
9 minutes ago

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