Rumor Patrol: Gwen Featured In Upcoming Fishbone Documentary?

Now this would be amazing! According to this website, Fishbone are releasing a new DVD, “Everyday Sunshine”, and will feature many of thier famous fans, and Gwen is a name they list. She is known to have been a fan since she was in high school, she actually used to ditch class to go see them with Tony. Before I start this off though, I do want to mention that the whole band is huge Fishbone followers, but it seems like Gwen’s name is the only one they name. She has also appeared on their Sly and the Family Stone cover of “Everybody Is A Star” and singer Angelo Moore has also appeared on the band’s early “Doormat” demo back in 1989 and even Gwen’s “Fluorescent” track from The Sweet Escape. This band is honestly the best live band I have ever seen (besides No Doubt of course) and we are so excited for this release, even if Gwen doesn’t make an appearance. The reason that we showcase the flyer above is that Angelo joined the band onstage for the last part of the concert and even joined Gwen in a cover of “Any Way You Want It” by Journey. Ahh — I wish these videos existed!

Spinner — What do Chuck D, George Clinton and Tim Robbins have in common? The same thing that would keep Flea, Gwen Stefani and Ice-T engaged in conversation, were the three ever to find themselves trapped in an elevator: Fishbone, the long-running California band that’s the subject of a new documentary due out this spring.

The film, ‘Everyday Sunshine,’ will feature interviews with all of the aforementioned stars, as well as a handful of other famous fans.

The film traces the band’s entire 30-year history, telling the story of six kids from South Central Los Angeles that dared to mix ska, punk, funk, metal, hip-hop and virtually any other genre they could think of, creating a sound no one had heard before. The final scenes focus on singer Angelo Moore and bassist John Norwood Fisher, the only two original members still part of the band. In addition to celebrity interviews, ‘Everyday Sunshine’ will include rare live footage from throughout the band’s run.

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  1. That is awesome! You will have such an amzing time! I saw them back in 2008 — it was honestly one of the best concerts of my life. I was front row center and Angelo stage dived right onto my head… but it was worth it, lol.

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