Rumor patrol: Akon producing new No Doubt album?

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I’m still looking for a source, cause I don’t like to post without one, Source (thanks to Paulo) and thanks to our friends at Gwen Lovers,

In an interview by telephone yesterday (which comes out in the editing Jornal do Brasil next week), the Senegalese singer and producer spoke not only of his new CD, the gummy Freedom, and about the fact of being the most played artist in Brazilian radio last year past: had four songs among the 100 most of the year, the same brand of Ivete Sangalo. Akon pledged to be among the producers in the back of No Doubt, scheduled for 2009: “I will not be the only producer, but definitely be with them. It’s great that they have a right back. It is always good to be around. Gwen has charisma and is very talented. I want to work on this project.” The news was posted by a blog means that unknown, without credibility, then so is likely to be fake!

Hmm…I doubt it. Mixer and past producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent is officially confirmed to be producing the next album for the band. We’ll have to see, Akon is known for leaking stuff though (thanks for “The Sweet Escape!” radio leak, again!)

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