Rumor: No L.A.M.B. At New York Fashion Week?

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We’ve been tipped by our friends at The Greyest Ghost that a preliminary tent schedule has been released for New York Fashion Week this September, and as of now, L.A.M.B. is nowhere on the schedule. Though we also want to point out that an empty spot still remains at The Box for Sunday — which L.A.M.B. has shown in the last few seasons.

Even though Gwen has missed out on the last couple of seasons at the showings, we will honestly be bummed if the latest collection would not be shown. We know it’s an event many fans look forward to (speaking for ourselves as well) every few months, but we’ll see. We also completely understand how overwhleming busy Gwen is with the new record that we’ve all been patiently waiting for.

We’ve also reached out to the incredible L.A.M.B. team personally to see if we could get more details for an upcoming event.

We’re crossing our fingers for an announcement soon for Fashion Week and we will let you know!

4 Replies to “Rumor: No L.A.M.B. At New York Fashion Week?”

  1. I’ve been wondering, what’s up with L.a.m.b these days? Haven’t really seen the line in nordstroms, plus I just haven’t really seen the line except from photos from fashion week. Also bummed that harajukulovers lovers perfume is no more 🙁

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