New Single From Gwen Releasing Oct. 6? (Updated)

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Kurt Trowbridge, a administrator, tweeted out that new singles are set to debut soon on October 6, including “Baby Don’t Lie” from Gwen. This would be a complete shock (and amazing news!) and apparently had been spotted on under the “Hot AC” section, which has since been taken down. Radio adds for “Baby Don’t Lie” are supposedly scheduled for October 14.

Gwen has confirmed that she has been working previously on both solo and new No Doubt music and a source close to us did mention a holiday release for her. Trowbridge mentions that the news was posted on an Interscope promo site (possibly PlayIGA).


A few people are claiming that they’ve heard “Baby Don’t Lie” and a radio programmer for Star 94.1 is saying that it’s “gonna be big!”. @HazeRadio also calls the song “uptempo” and “fun” saying that Gwen took “this one to another level”.

A close friend of ours has confirmed news of this being true, too. Again, we’re all waiting for an official confirmation of course but we’re dying inside — what a surprise!


@HazeRadio responded to a question on if he had any knowledge of whom Gwen had worked with on “Baby Don’t Lie”. He spilled and said “Tedder and Blanco”, which means Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) and Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Britney Spears). It was revealed last year that Tedder was working with No Doubt on new material.

Photo courtesy of Pete Black.

79 Replies to “New Single From Gwen Releasing Oct. 6? (Updated)”

  1. I really think Interscope is trying to catch the public by surprise and create some momentum once they drop these new singles out of nothing.
    I really like that title for a Gwen song. It’s a recurring lyrical theme, enough Gwen-ish to me. I think it may be an upbeat song but I’m not sure especially if has been written by Sia.
    I’m so pumped now! I wonder if she will release the video on the same day too.

  2. The song was listed on Hot AC, so I’m not sure it will be something OTT.
    At least I don’t expect anything crazy like WYWF. All I want is a catchy tune. 😛

  3. ok, now that she is being inconsistent with what she said in 2012 about a solo record in the future, I just hope she don’t go on a world tour as solo, I WANT NO DOUBT WORLD TOUR!!! 🙁

  4. I think she may debut it on The Voice and it will become available on iTunes? People would run to buy it. Just imagine!

  5. Woohoo! She’s been playing us this whole time! So curious to hear this.
    I really hope she experiments with her vocals. Without the band all she has now is her voice and attitude. So I hope she switches it up on that front

  6. I just cannot believe this is finally happening. I hadn’t any sleep this night, and keep shivering over and over again. She’s truly back. Jesus is back *exageration*

  7. I’m so over the moon.

    “Uptempo for sure and FUN! Can’t wait to play it on @channel933 The Title says it all”

    “She takes this one to another level!”

    1. Its not! A few of my friends (close to Interscope) said that the single is coming! A couple of them have even heard it already. So freaking excited!

  8. It’s interesting, I don’t think the title is as negative as I thought initially! This shows what a difference a comma can make. “Baby Don’t Lie” is a bit tongue in cheek actually!

  9. How is the title tongue and cheek? Am I missing something?

    I think she will announce the album with the single. Seems unconventional to have a song that’s not part of a full album.

  10. Doom, we’ll just have to wait and hear it. It depends on the intention or the way you say it. I’m also clueless about its context. Maybe I’m overanalyzing it.

  11. At this it’s really goin to be up to the guys, clearly there’s a demand for the solo gwen material… So it’s up them if the want they would be could to gwen incorporating solo stuff in a no doubt concert lol… And I know a whole of diehard tk fans will kill me for that lol… It’s a reality though if Gwen want to pursue both a no doubt n solo stuff

  12. “Baby don’t lie” Is Gwen talking to herself. About how she lied to eveyone about never going solo again, or about going on tour with No Doubt. Does anyone else feel really bad for our boys in ND? Gwen has destroyed No Doubt over the last 10 years and this is just one last kick while we’re already down. I thought she had more class than this. I guess anything can be bought, including loyalty. So sad.

  13. 6 Feet Under you are being quite dramatic–did it ever occur to you that Gwen and the boys hashed all these details out months prior and perhaps the band is excited that her solo stuff will be a great cross promotional tool??

  14. You can call me selfish but the way I take this great unexpected news is more brand spanking new music for me and fellow fans. I definitely prefer new No Doubt material over Gwen but it still makes for a diverse platter.

  15. @6FeetUnder Aren’t you a little too dramatic? So yeah she said that she was done with her solo days, but that was two years ago… Opinions can change with some time and Gwen already explained that she got the idea of releasing new solo material after her surprise performances of Hollaback Girl were so well received.

    How has she destroyed ND? Because she wanted to achieve something completely on her own a few years ago and went solo? All of the guys also have numerous projects besides ND, but nobody ever gets mad because of that. It’s always just Gwen’s fault and I think that’s just totally unfair. In 2003 ALL members of ND wanted to take a break. So who could blame Gwen that she didn’t want to sit at home waiting for ND? It was the perfect time for her to go solo. Tony produced songs for P!nk, Adrian played in other bands and Tom also released solo music.

    Also it surely wasn’t Gwen’s fault that there wasn’t a ND tour in 2012/2013. Remember that P&S was a huge financial flop, so it was probably Interscope that said “no!” to an extended tour. After all ND did play a few shows.

  16. Relax people. Last year I was more worried about her going solo again. Now I’m not, because it will be good for her and the band. The Voice is a good platform to put them back on the charts. Plus Gwen has already mentioned that she’s working on another No Doubt album. In the end we’ll be getting both. If it means more music, then I’m happy about it.

  17. i find stupid to criticize Gwen, she tries to give her best in solo era and no doubt era. And she will probably never give up tony, adrian and tom because they will stay very good friends ( please my god !). So why to be upset.
    The question will be legitime when she will not be able to work both with no doubt and solo career. I hope in very long time !
    Pending, we must stay fun and positive like gwen and no doubt do it !

  18. ^ I think this revelation wasn’t really an “accident”. I don’t think anybody at Interscope would accidently post the title and release date of a future release. I guess this is already a part of Interscope’s promotion plan. The hype is huge right now obviously, because people are super thrilled that a “secret” got revealed. Sneaky 😉

  19. why do I feel like Gwen is selling Out? as must as I love her ( ive been a fan for the past 17 years) im just not as excitied as I would normally feel. the last album was a bit of a disappointment. I really just think its time ND ended. the guys just seem to be pushed aside.

  20. It seems that she allowed the boys control of the production of the last record. It did not do well so this is her time to save the brand, the name, etc. Plus No Doubt is still under contract to produce one more album…so we will def. hear some ND music in the near future. I can not wait though. Love No Doubt and Gwen equally. Get it girl!

  21. Have you noticed that the release day of “Baby Don’t Lie” coincides with The Voice (on a monday). I’m sure she will perform the song and it will go straight to number #1 on iTunes. I can predict that!

    1. I am wondering how that will work out though because at that stage the voice will probablt still be at “the battle rounds” stage which has already been recorded. So I am not so sure we will see Gwen perform the single until the live shows which usually start at the end of October.

  22. ^ because she IS selling out. Why wouldnt she? It’s better than being stuck in a rut with the band. She should enjoy herself. Seems like that is exactly what’s happening.

    BUT this is the pure pop world now. Surface level stuff. Dumbed down. The most we’ll get is a catchy fun song. But I would be fine with that.

  23. No doubt out out a record two years ago that failed miserably … its Gwens time to shine … sorry! No doubt will never be the way they were ! We are gonna have to expect that. And for anyone that ssas gwen is leaving the band behind … really? Is gwen supposed to 50 years old jumping around on stage with a naked drummer ? No it just makes sense to do the solo thing again. Its more marketable.

  24. No doubt put out a record two years ago that failed miserably then toured for alittle bit and then presumably didnt go along with a world tour because of lack of sales of push and shove… its Gwens time to shine … sorry! No doubt will never be the way they were ! We are gonna have to accept that. And for anyone that says gwen is leaving the band behind … really? Is gwen supposed to 50 years old jumping around on stage with a naked drummer ? No it just makes sense to do the solo thing again. Its more marketable. Music industry changes daily … as much as we all love ska , reggae sounds of no doubt past …doesnt mean thats gonna be a hit in. Todays industry…gwen is gonna kill it!

  25. Who cares if she’s selling out? What’s a sellout after all? People have been accusing her/them of selling out since the Tragic Kingdom days. It happens every new era. If she delivers and the song is good enough then I’m Ok with that. At least Gwen is putting herself out there and prove she can do it all over again. What do people want? She’s more than a lost act of the 90s coming out of the mothballs to play the hits.

  26. I honestly believe gwen will go on with a solo career … I mean she only wanted one but that blew up.and took off…and then the second that was just as popular as the first … and now third solo cd … do you think if the record industry felt it would make more sense to have no doubt come back again and hoepfully successfully this time around or give Gwen another go cuz its proven when shes solo she sells and produces? Lets all be honest here! No doubt is gonna end up being one of those bands that probably wont put out another cd and just keep playing reunion concerts like most other bands that are up there in age in the future …and im willing to say no doubt is a lost band of the 90s ..its proven with the lack of interest in their last flop. GWEN FOR THE WIN.

  27. This “sell out” argument is so old… People already accused ND of “selling out” when they released Don’t Speak lol. And to those people accusing Gwen of “destroying” ND: Have you ever watched the Don’t Speak video? It’s all in there. This band has been through this issue and they got over it and they are still around. Seriously… just get over it too.

  28. No Doubt did fairly good with Rock Steady and It’s My Life and that was in the early 00s. So no, they’re not just a band of the 90s. The thing is that their hiatus was too long and the music scene has drastically changed since her solo days. I know many fans expected more from P&S but does the band necessarily have to break into the top 40 at all to keep making music? No. But the thing is that labels only see and want numbers. Anyway we all know how devoted Gwen is to this band and the guys. She can release more solo stuff but there will always exist the occasional reunion tour and the occasional album from No Doubt. At the end of the day we should feel blessed because they’re still around making music for us, fans. I don’t recall many bands being around for so long. One way or another we’re getting music and that’s all that matters.

  29. Some of these comments…wow. To see my favorite band get bashed on a website that is dedicated to them makes me sad. Good luck to Gwen and her new venture.

  30. “Lost band of the 90s”, “sell out”, the boys getting blamed for P&S, “stuck in a rut with the band”, “Gwen destroyed ND”, etc. I’m shaking my head at some of these comments. Even if those people are more Gwen fans than ND fans, I would still think they would respect how she got to this point. One album failure does not mean they should pack it in and only do a reunion show every 2 years. Many huge artists with careers as long as ND have had massive flops. It happens. I’m not giving up on them like some of these other “fans” are. They are more than just a band from the 90s to me.

    1. Amanda, I think you should re-read some of those comments though. Not all of those quotes were necessarily putting them down.

  31. I dont believe people are bashing no doubt at all . I think we are being realistic…. lool Gwen is getting alot of exposure nowadays …you only live once …No doubt had a great run and wr have many memories of them. If Gwen wants to strike it again solo while shes hot and all over the place why the hell not? It just makes a hell of alot of sense ..the majority of people that used to watch the voice arent really in our age bracket …if youve followed the nodoubt train since the early 90s… so if alot of.young people watch …and young people love pop and pop is what sells … some of these kids are like “whos no doubt? ” these days … but now with gwen …everyone will know her.

  32. Anyway I’m not surprised tbh. Every time the band or Gwen do anything new there are always hasty reactions. I myself have had them before too. But at this point is a bit pointless trying to find someone else to blame. They’ve been around for so long and have accomplished so many things that we should be thankful that they still deliver. Wake up guys, next week No Doubt will be together and perform. In 2 weeks Gwen will release a new single. And who knows sooner than later we’ll hear new ND music. I’d say it’s a great time to be a fan.

  33. And since when does gwen not know where she came.from? Gwen owes nothing to the other members of no doubt …shes always been the only reason ive ever listened to no doubt lol shes the star… and most of everyone sees that … you would have to be blind not to see it. And she works with Tony on her solo stuff and most of the band approves …cuz they know too… they all respect how far shes come. And she hasnt forgot where shes come.from.either ….remember shes “just an orange county girl, living in an extraordinary world ” 💛

    1. Jesse, you say she hasn’t forgotten who she is and where she comes from but you dare to suggest she doesn’t owe shit to the guys? Seriously, you need to reevaluate your life.


  35. She’s in her 40’s if she wants to try the solo thing again, why not? when is she supposed to do it? when she’s 60!
    After the huge flop that was P&S she deserves to try again. I won’t lie I want everything, the single, the album, the promo, the tour. Gwenmania baby!

  36. I hope Gwen will release the video for BDL the same day AND also perform it on The Voice that night ha! 😀 That should be enough to give this song a boost on the charts. I really want her to do well.

  37. NDLOVER, what do u mean you dont recall bands been around for so long? Im not gonna even metion bands like Rush (40 years and still recording), I will stick to pop acts like Blondie and the Pet Shop Boys.

  38. Cynthia, what I meant is that not many bands reach that international mega-superstar status. I keep mentioning the 90s because it was my generation and when I started getting into music and I recall so many promising bands that have mostly faded into obscurity. Not many artists are as big as the Rolling Stones, Blondie, R.E.M. or even No Doubt. That’s why I insisted with Jesse, because she kept taking about No Doubt like they haven’t made any impact in the history of music and that’s wrong. This new generation of new artists keep referring them and Gwen as inspiration, so that means a lot.

  39. I wonder if shes gonna bring back the harajuku girls? Cuz from what ive read and heard …shes working with alot of hip hop djs and stuff for the sound … and its very uptempo… not gonna lie I kinda miss the harajuku girls. Lol #superkawaii 😀 I really want a full fledged gwen tour! Ive already seen no doubt …id love to get a chance to see my queen live … slaying all these other poser girls out there now ! And if she does im defintely getting vip tickets … still havent met her yet!

  40. At least 3 singles? Like… at the same time? Or does this guy mean that Gwen’s new era will at least spawn three singles as there are (at least) three potential hits on her album?

  41. I’m fully 100% supportive of a total focus on Gwen solo. P&S was so underwelming and after such a long wait.
    I say this growing up loving ND but it’s not the same anymore.

    I’m so much more excited about the prospect of a hot modern dance/electronic upbeat fun album with lots of producers and guests infusing fresh energy and inspiring Gwen on a solo album. This time around I hope she steps up her game on the music videos though. She is so stunning and unique and they could create some really visually amazing videos. IMO What You Waiting For was the one truly great one she did that lied up to the potential of what they could do with her in videos. I know she’s older now. but I hope she goes a little crazy with her looks again and has sp,e fun. Show these younger performers how it;s done.

    And she is not selling out. It is her life and she has the freedom enjoy whatever kind of music she wants to. She is clearly happy and exdited.

    1. Seriously!? I thought Gwen’s music videos were ALL beautiful and creative in their own way and much better than the ones she did with No Doubt. And yes WYWF is a masterpiece and easily one of the best videos of the last decade.

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