Is Gwen Headed Towards The X Factor?

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Well! This is pretty interesting and sounds a little farfetched — apparently according to the New York Post, Gwen has been contacted by USA’s X Factor’s Simon Cowell for a hosting job in a future season! Sources are confirming that she has been offered between $5 million and $7 million dollar to backstage host the mega TV show. The source also goes on to say that Gwen is interested. Well then! Nothing has been confirmed and this is the first time we’re hearing about this. X Factor would air in the Fall and we all know that that is around the time the band is releasing the album… so… not to mention the three clothing lines she designs and looks over as well. When would she have the time? It would be amazing to see her on TV weekly but on the flip side that might be way too much for even her to handle. Gwen has stated in the past she wouldn’t like to judge because she doesn’t like confrontations and giving advice. We will let you know if any other details are released but we will have to see!

New York Post — Cowell, who previously admitted his US version of the show didn’t meet expectations in its first season, is fully aware the peacock is looking for some unfriendly competition, and he is hot to add another big name to the fold: Gwen Stefani (pictured) — but not as a judge. Stefani would be the backstage host, replacing Steve Jones.

What’s hard to pinpoint is how much he is willing to spend — or has left in his budget — for the sultry singer.

Consider this: Cowell splurged on Spears after canning his “best friend,” Paula Abdul, who only earned $2.5 million. The other judge he dismissed, Nicole Scherzinger, raked in a paltry $1.5 million.

A source confirmed Stefani has been contacted and is interested, while estimating her price tag as between $5 million and $7 million.

The source added, “[Cowell] is feeling the pressure and knows only a big-time, well-respected name will do if he wants anyone to flip the channel from ‘The Voice.’”

5 Replies to “Is Gwen Headed Towards The X Factor?”

  1. I’m sorry, but I hope this isn’t true. For one, she’s better than being a host. For two, I WANT MY NEW NO DOUBT ALBUM! No more side projects, time to commit to the band and to the fans 😀

  2. Yeah. I think this story is super fat fetched considering her schedule for the rest of the year, probably a couple years, with the new albums. And her family. And her clothing lines.

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