Rumor: Did Gavin Reveal That New No Doubt Album Out In September?

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This is interesting! First off, we didn’t want to reveal or say anything about this… but a few sources have come to us saying that the album is looking at a September 2012 release — with plans in the works for something really special in Hollywood for the release. The band has confirmed that they don’t even know when it’s going to be released — it’s up to Interscope. So nothing is confirmed at this time…

But back on the subject of the post, in a recent interview with Hoppus On Music, Gavin mentioned the new No Doubt album being out in September. Oops! When he was asked how he and Gwen decide who will be home with the kids while the other is on tour he said:

When her record is coming out in September, I was going to be on tour. Since I have been away so much, I just decided that maybe I would make another record then.

It does make sense. But again, we want to reiterate that this is just word of mouth from Gavin (which though is a very reliable source!) and nothing has been confirmed by the band or their record company, Interscope. We will have to see — it’s nice to have something to look forward to though! Thank you to GwenStefaniFan for the information on his interview!

15 Replies to “Rumor: Did Gavin Reveal That New No Doubt Album Out In September?”

  1. If they release it on 3rd Sep, then my 18th birthday will be the best day in my whole life! That would be magical!

  2. I think he is right!!! I kinda assumed the record would be coming out in August or September, so I would not be surprised at all if the rumor was true. I was hoping for a single by the end of May but looks like that might not happen until June now.

  3. That seems like it’s so far away!!! I mean I’m beyond stoked for an official release date regardless, but I was so hoping I’d have some new ND tunes to rock out to over the summer! Let’s hope a single will be released long before then to get us pumped for the record (not that I’m already not!)

  4. Jenny, I know you don’t want to say too much about the event they have planned for the album launch, but does it sound pretty big and exciting?

  5. How many more summers til One More Summer? I feel like the song is gonna be 3yrs old by the time we heard it!!

  6. Yeah I thought I herd that so I had to watch it again and they were talking about her touring in the summer so the kids will go with her.

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