Ronnie Radke: “I Have A Song For Gwen Stefani”


In a new interview with, post hard-core band Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke mentions that he would love to collaborate with Gwen and says that he has a “song for [her] right now” and that “it’s a straight-up club banger”. Nothing else indicates that the two have met or anything is coming out of the song and possible collaboration, but we admit it would be interesting. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else.

Anti Music — During a recent interview with, Radke was thoughtful and forthcoming on how his unabashed love for pop music continues to influence the evolving sound of Falling in Reverse, personal critics be damned.

“People will say that I’m a sellout, but that’s what kind of music I like,” Radke said when asked about his affinity for artists like Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. “I want to do what I want to do, so technically it’s not really selling out. It’s doing what I want to do, not what someone else is making me do.

“I have a song for Gwen Stefani right now,” he continued when asked which artists he’d most like to collaborate on new music. “It’s a straight-up club banger. Her, Katy Perry, Swift.”

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  1. seriously, this guy is a joke and total douche. Why on earth would Gwen even WANT to collaborate with an ex-inmate who beat his girlfriend and instigates fights/violence at shows…. even his original band threw him out because he is ridiculous. I’m sure Gwen would quickly pass on working with him.

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