Rolling Stone: Exclusive Preview Of L.A.M.B. Spring 2012

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Rolling Stone magazine were given an exclusive backstage look at the newest collection of L.A.M.B. this afternoon. We added all the photos to the gallery. They describe the line as “the women of India, gentrified Jamaican street style, and Vespa culture”. They point out the high usage of red, yellow and green (rasta colors) and mention that this has become L.A.M.B.’s signature palette.

They also mention that they will have another article tomorrow with an interview with Gwen!

Rolling Stone — As Gwen Stefani unveils her Spring 2012 L.A.M.B. collection at Lincoln Center today, Rolling Stone went backstage for an exclusive preview of the singer-turned-designer’s newest color-dashed two-tone looks, which are influenced by the women of India, gentrified Jamaican street style, and Vespa culture. Stefani’s penchant for a rasta-themed palette, now a L.A.M.B. signature, meant there were plenty of amplified bursts of color – sunny yellows, sanguine reds, muted greens, a few vagrant but gorgeous turquoises – which contrasted winningly against the predominantly black and white collection. Chevron and zig-zag prints were key motifs for the collection, appearing on floaty maxi-dresses, rompers, and drapey light-knit sweaters. With accessories, Stefani pumped up the volume, literally, showing sky-high platform sandals and exaggerating the proportions of handbags, with oversized satchels in contrasting hues – a white and yellow vinyl bucket bag was particularly crucial, the models swooning for first dibs.

Indeed, Stefani’s army of models always stand out as particularly fearsome. This season, they resembled Nubian warriors: they wore high and elegant buns, tightly wound by dark extensions (even the blond models sported a black weave wrapped in). Eyes were done in richly pigmented navys and blacks and cut a dramatic Cleopatra shape. In fitting with the vaguely Afro-Indian theme, the show’s music, curated by Jeremy Healy, paired reggae against African pop, bhangra, and hip-hop. A clever sonic preview of what’s going on through No Doubt’s collective aesthetic conscious this fall?

Check back tomorrow morning, when Gwen Stefani herself clues us in.

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