Rita Ora On Working With Gwen: “It’s Like 80% Of Becoming A Reality” (Updated)


MTV News has shared a few more quotes from Rita’s new interview about a possibly collaboration with Gwen. Rita says “it’s all about the timing, but the song is there, I’m just really kind of waiting for her to just be like ‘boom,’ but we don’t force things like that.” She also called Gwen “one of the sexiest moms on the planet”.


Last December, UK sources were claiming that Gwen was on-board to collaborate with pop star Rita Ora on a track for Ora’s upcoming album, due out this year. Though sources were saying it was pretty much a done deal, Rita mentions in a new interview with MTV that she would love to work with Gwen and and she’s in the “process of making it complete” saying “it’s like 80% of becoming a reality”. She hints to Gwen’s schedule being a complicating factor but says its all about “getting it the right time”.

We’re excited to hear more about the possible collaboration.

What’s your dream collaboration for your new album?

Well, I’m actually in the process of making it complete. It’s like 80% of becoming a reality. There’s kind of complications. There’s this lady that I’ve loved since I was young, and I’ve said it all the time, has an amazing family, etc., etc., etc., so it’s a bit like getting it at the right time. But Gwen Stefani is the one.”

12 Replies to “Rita Ora On Working With Gwen: “It’s Like 80% Of Becoming A Reality” (Updated)”

  1. She seems like a sweet girl, but personally I don’t care about her music, it’s kinda bland. I hope Pharrell is at least involved in the production process. Maybe it can turn into a modern club banger.

  2. Hasn’t this already been a rumor for quite some time? And we did see her arriving/leaving a recording studio twice during her recent pregnancy.

  3. I don’t like what she says about “kind of complications” and I also wonder what they could be? All I know is that I really want this collaboration to happen, because I think it could be really good for Gwen. I don’t know why, but the label is spending a lot of money on Rita lately and I predict that she will be everywhere in a few months.

  4. I don’t know much about this chick, but she just seems like a rip off of Rihanna to me?

  5. Rita seems like a nice girl, lot of people said she was very similar to Gwen when she appeared but then it made sense once she expressed how Gwen is her idol… She appeared on the X Factor just before No Doubt performed in the UK, Rita has had quite a lot of chart success since she has recently been on the scene including no.1’s and she’s definitely a big thing at current, so I’m sure this could only be a positive!!!!

  6. I like her new song “I’ll Never Let You Down”. The video reminds me of Gwen all the time. I just commented about it on YouTube.

  7. this makes gwen seem way desperate, gwen doesnt need this chick. this girl hasnt had very much success in the US, i feel like people know her face and name more than her music. she was on “the breakfast club” recently ans sais her main goal this year is to break in America, she had never even released an album in the US. DONT DO IT GWEN!!

  8. I see this as Gwen doing something great for them both, Rita dreamed of working with Gwen due to Gwen being Rita’s idol but then it would be a great way for Gwen to be incorporated back into the charts rather than Gwen coming out with a new song solo.. I’d very much like Gwen to collab with Pharrell on a big chart track, it happened in the UK, Will.I.am worked with another voice judge and they had big success with their single so.. that maybe the plan over in the US?!?

  9. really, rita ora?? this girl to me is just a wannabe, always wants to look like Gwen, trying to be like her… she isn’t original and also it isn’t nice to see someone stealing the style of your idol…

  10. All I care about is if Gwen does anything Top 40 Pop related I hope it stands out and doesn’t get lost in the puddle of songs that sound the same everywhere.

    I really prefer a new No Doubt album. The last one, P&S, was ok….but didn’t sound like a NoDoubt album. It sound like an appetizer for a new Gwen solo album. At least when comparing it to past ND albums. The only songs on P&S that “sound like” No Douby are Push and Shove and Settle Down. You hear ALL the band members flavors in those tracks.

    My 2 cents.

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