Rita Ora Closer To Collaborating with Gwen

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In a new interview with KISS FM UK, Rita Ora shared that she’s one step closer to having Gwen appear on her upcoming album.

Rita has said many times in the past that she’s wanted to work with Gwen and revealed that after catching up at the MTV VMAs late last month together, it sounds like a pretty much done deal. “I’ve been asking her for a long time, so she might be like ‘can you stop asking me?’. No, we’ve been speaking for a while and seeing her at the VMA’s we caught up on it all, but I don’t want to give too much away.”

Back in May, Rita spoke with MTV and said that working with Gwen would be a dream come true for her and was about “80% a reality” at the time. She said that a song was done and waiting for Gwen to be a part of but acknowledged her very busy schedule saying “it’s all about the timing.”

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14 Replies to “Rita Ora Closer To Collaborating with Gwen”

  1. And btw I doubt that the song she said she had a few months ago waiting for her even exists. Calvin Harris basically blocked her from using the material they worked and gave it to other artists. She had to start recording the new album from scratch. Rita Ora uses antics to get what she wants. Apparently she also cried a little to get a spot on Iggy’s album.

  2. Personally I wouldn’t mind a collaboration, if it’s a good song… but I feel like Rita is trying too hard to force it? Like, if Gwen really wanted to do it, she’d just do it despite her busy shedule. Rita seems to annoy the crap out of Gwen by constantly asking her. I can see Gwen rolling her eyes everytime she runs into Rita lol.

  3. Even if Rita is a shooting star, she could bring spontaneity in featuring songs with gwen because she is very young and unconscious.( Rita could be gwen’s daughter !)

  4. if gwen wants to conquer new young fans, maybe she needs to know teenager’s new spirit which change for each new generation ! ? ?? rita and others new stars are good partners for a bridge between ages ?
    or maybe gwen works especially with feelings without criterias ?

  5. Rita is a big star in the UK and I don’t get the impression Gwen would be getting annoyed with Rita; Gwen is Rita’s idol so she would of just fan-girled everytime she saw Gwen and would’ve just been desperate for a song…. The reason Gwen wasn’t going to do it before is because Gwen didn’t really know if she was ever going to be going really down that route again but not the possibility is totally here…

  6. I don’t know… I think Rita seems a little desperate by now. She’s been telling everybody that Gwen will be on her album for months while it’s in fact still totally uncertain.

  7. I hope Gwen doesn’t feel forced to do a duet with that wannabe… Gwen seems to be very careful about choosing with whom she collaborates…I really don’t like rita ora, she’s always stealing Gwen’s style (just look her poses) and she doesn’t has that star charming other singers (like Gwen) have…

  8. I wouldnt mind a collabo …just think Rita is a rip off of Gwen …shes like a gwen mini me honestly ..its kind of annoying. But honestly I think this might be a good move for Gwen …as much as I hate admitting it … I could see how gwen would get annoyed though…that girl Rita is obsessed with gwen lol

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