"Rich Girl" and "Crash" listed on Top 10 Songs That Warned Us About the Recession

With the U.S. economy tanking, we can’t help but to feel a little pessimistic about our future. We reverted to our inner 15-year-old, which happened to grow up in the go-go ’90s of excess and wealth (a.k.a. the Clinton years), and decide to make a mixtape of the songs that eerily foreshadowed our impending economic doom. So here are the Top 10 Songs that Warned Us About the Recession (a.k.a. The Great Depression 2k8):

9. Gwen Stefani, “Rich Girl”

Ominous Quote: “All the riches baby, won’t mean anything/Don’t need no other baby/Your lovin’ is better than gold, and I know”

It’s easy to dismiss Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl” as another song flaunting excess, but in the chorus Stefani reminds us no matter what, love is always better than material wealth, something we easily forgot as we saw our stock portfolios climb higher.

1. Gwen Stefani “Crash”

Ominious Quote: “Crash”

Stefani makes her second appearance. Why? Because “Crash” is the sound Wall Street makes when stocks, er, well, crash. Also the sound of high-rise office windows being shattered and white-collar executives jumping out of them.


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