First Reviews: L.A.M.B. Fall 2010

Fashion Wire Daily — We saw an intriguing role model for young American women Thursday afternoon in New York, a rambunctious Barbie babe courtesy of Gwen Stefani who presented the fall 2010 collection of her fashion label L.A.M.B. with considerable sass and polish.

This was Stefani second show since she shifted licensee to a Canadian outfit last year and a highly respectable collection it turned out to be.

For fall, Stefani sees gals strutting their stuff in deconstructed pants and off-the-shoulder knits, saucy but never ever slutty. She had lots of military references with fatigue pants, sergeant’s belts and camouflage tops, but these were maneuvers will extend no further than a packed after party, or a steamy bar.

Stefani remains obsessed with deconstruction, so much so it’s become her signature, whether leather corsets worn over khaki shirts or chopped up French Revolutionary blouses. She showed lots of leg – skirts were cut way up the thigh – though alternated this with skin-tight suede leather pants, and a large dose of bondage references. Though these were the sort that wouldn’t offend your granny, that is if she’s the kind of lady who dreamed of going to a swingers club, but could never find the right guy to take.

It helped that Stefani was savvy enough to surround herself with strong back up. Winning distinctions were excellent, mega eye lashes and thick sooty eyeliner courtesy of English beauty genius Charlotte Tilbury and the M.A.C. Pro Team, and a medal for DJ, and John Galliano mix master, Jeremy Healey, who got the mood spot on with his rocking mélange.

It was a marked improvement since we first spied a Stefani runway show some six years ago, a rather hackneyed affair in Roseland Ballroom that most critics panned. Well, it turns out this lady has staying power, and enough commitment to have learned her new trade well. This was nothing very revolutionary, but for a convincing suggestion of what young women can wear, and feel good about themselves in, we’ll give this saucy doll collection high marks.

And if you had any doubt what the lasses on this catwalk were looking for, then the small goody bag pressed into our paws as we exited made it clear – miniature 10ml bottles of Harajuku “Sunshine Cuties” Lovers fragrances.

NBC New York — With gorgeous baby in tow (the smaller one), Gwen Stefani presented another tough-girl LAMB collection for fall 2010 at MAC & Milk.

The punky and youthful looks for next season are quintessentially L.A.M.B. — lots of cargo, dog tags, etc., but we were thrilled to see some grown-up cuts in pleated wool trousers and a nicely draped silk jersey dress.

The highlights came from stand-out prints including plaid, tribale-esque, a dingy watercolor, leaopard and camo, as well as a focus on the waist, with corsets over manly oxfords and layers of belts atop high-rise pleats.

The models teetered on sky high platform booties and resembled something between the bride of Chucky and Barbie gone bad (in a good way). Hair was like a doll’s — bouncy curls and heavy bangs, with makeup taking any prisoners, combining smoky eyes and dark, rich lips.

Gwen popped out at the end in a leather suit — short shorts and a crop jacket — a kicky look we hope to see for fall.

ABC News — It was a backhanded compliment to Gwen Stefani that few people in the crowd noticed her on a stepladder in the back of the room as the fall LAMB collection debuted Thursday at New York Fashion Week.

All eyes at the MAC & Milk studio space were on the models — with pouffy hair, smoky eyes and skyscraper heels — and the hip, urban clothes that Stefani’s label is known for.

The new styles show that Stefani is evolving as a designer, not just retreading her own wardrobe that often gets her on best-dressed lists.

The LAMB look has some hard edges, with skinny leather pants and grommeted military-style belts wrapped around slinky dresses as if they were holding ammunition, but that’s likely what the customer wants. Stefani herself proved a leather jacket-and-bloomer-short combination wearable on the right person — or at least the right celebrity — when she took her bow. It’s hardly a look for the everywoman, though.

The model who wore the ruched catsuit got a lot of attention from the photographers, even some cat calls.

Stefani furthered the resurgence of denim that first made the round of runway appearances in the spring collections that are just hitting stores; she favored silhouettes that were either baggy at the waist and hips with a sharply tapered hem or second-skin jeans with ankle zippers. But some of the futuristic styles, including some dresses with strong shoulders or a lot of hardware, seemed a little late to the trend.

For all the body-hugging looks, some of the best individual pieces here were cozy, loose knits, especially a sweater poncho and an off-the-shoulder lurex sweater.

But those pieces would be a waste on Stefani: She should rock the metallic cropped jacket or black satin riding coat with leather leggings.

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