Report: Pharrell Previewing Gwen’s New Album To Potential Sponsors


According to a small report in UK’s Sun, longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams is said to be previewing Gwen’s new album to mega-brands including Apple, Beats by Dre and Adidas for possible endorsement deals. And judging by Gwen’s latest “Baby Don’t Lie” music video, she seemed to have struck deals with both Apple and Beats by Dre (and it looks like Gwen went with Puma over Adidas in the clip).

Gwen also recently attended the Apple iPhone launch event with Dr. Dre in early September.

Pretty interesting and thank you to Baker_1000 for the news tip!

8 Replies to “Report: Pharrell Previewing Gwen’s New Album To Potential Sponsors”

  1. That’s interesting! We know how these days labels don’t put much money into promo so I totally applaud when they get sponsored by some brand. In BDL video it doesn’t look ridiculous. The phone actually makes sense in the video and who cares about headphones? They’re actually nice! lol I want those Puma sneakers btw! And for a change Gwen isn’t wearing high heels! <3

  2. The Sun is not exactly a reliable source, but good if true and what else is Pharrel doing? maybe he should direct Gwens videos too lol

  3. If that’s the case, maybe Interscope have limited funds for music videos which would explain the quality of baby don’t lie. Sophie is not the problem, it seems like she was working with a limited budget to carry out an interesting idea. It just kinda sucks because the video kinda sets the tone for the album. So far the music and the promo visuals has been promising but the video was lackluster. Unless, they are saving up the funds for the Spark the Fire music video, which would explain everything. Its just interesting how the lamb presentation had a better quality music video than this. If she does get Beatsbydre and Apple to sponsor her, i hope she get sufficient funds for the visuals because she has the potential make big bucks of everyone. Im just surprised with all the collars she is doing, she is not getting enough funding to push this record the way it should be. Again, maybe it also a wake up call that as much as she want to just go with the flow, someone in her team needs to do quality control. She is an established icon, she needs to be treated as such.

  4. Well this is supposed to be all about exposure really.. So yes try and get money off big financial supporters to make this stint worth it’s while… Gwen might not be able to be a pop star forever so this is such a good opportunity to have a total media blast to hopefully give ND a boost up with their next releases… I wish this would be the quick pop and ND create some wonderful iconic music but I have a feeling the solo Gwen and ND stuff won’t be too different? I like this music anyway so it’s all good for me.

  5. Agreed Art. She said she was writing with No Doubt when she was pregnant in that interview so what happened? How did that turn into a solo album? She was “inspired” by Pharell but not No Doubt? This album is a “collaboration”? That only can mean 1 thing. She doesn’t want to work on music. She wants fast hits and fame over the cool gwen we used to have. She has turned into JLo. Money, fame is first. Quality, art and integrity is gone. Sure the music is good but its not her music. It is written FOR her. She records what they make even lyrics. She never wrote music for No Doubt (ok 1 chord to 1 song) she did lyrics and melodies but now she deosnt even do that! Where did she go? I understand that no one wants to admit it but it is true. Even with her solo stuff before (that she would never do again) she at least did lyrics but now she is just part of the same junk that Miley, Rihanna, Ariana and JLo are part of. What made her our hero is gone. SO very sad.

  6. ^ Dude, Gwen is credited for the songwriting in BDL. I may be wrong but that breakdown is totally Gwen. I can see her writing that. Plus the lyrics are so her. I don’t think she’s like Rihanna or Beyoncé that won’t change a single thing on a song besides singing. So calm your tits. Gwen has lot of integrity. And comparing her to JLo is like comparing apples and oranges. She’s not flashing her butt like JLo does in her latest video for Booty. So who’s desperate again? And about Pharrell, it’s pretty clear he’s a producer but again Gwen brings something to the songs too. Both P and G said they inspire each other. Don’t forget that Gwen also mentioned that they recorded a new song produced by Pharrell last week. So it’s not like No Doubt is on hold. They’re going to perform together at the IBM event. Of course this sudden solo project is part of a mega plan to put her and the band back in the spotlight. I think we should be more patient.

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