Report: L.A.M.B. No Longer with Artisan House


About a year ago exactly, we had broke news that L.A.M.B. had moved on from Schifter + Partners (whom helped launch the line back in 2003) to signing a new deal with Artisan House, which planned to move the label into a more “mature” line. Well, Women’s Wear Daily is reporting today that L.A.M.B. just just severed ties with Artisan House and has now signed a licensing deal with Titan Industries. A spokesperson for Gwen confirms that the split was “amicable” and that the move was largely due to declining sales (and if we can put in our two cents, that might have to due with the lack of presence at Fashion Week the last couple seasons and not being to able to find the line in stores, but what do we know).

Gwen still continues to work with Fab Starpoint on both her Harajuku Lovers and Mini lines.

We always wish Gwen and her teams the best with the lines, which we still continue to adore after all these years. It’s looking like L.A.M.B. won’t be showing at Fashion Week again but Titan Industries have confirmed new shoes and handbags will be coming later this year.

WWD — According to sources, Artisan House, the upscale spin-off of Russo’s lucrative children’s accessories company Fab Starpoint, has not only lost Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. license, but is also losing employees in various departments, including public relations, marketing, sales, graphics and design. The latest, and perhaps biggest, departure is Dana Foley, cofounder of Foley + Corinna, the quirky lifestyle handbag and apparel brand Russo purchased two years ago.

Although Carlos Falchi had left Artisan for a licensing deal with LF USA in 2011, Russo had Charlotte Ronson and L.A.M.B. signed to multiyear deals. Russo, who previously owned Isabelle Fiore, also bought Danielle Nicole and Foley + Corinna and launched Narr, an upscale exotics bag line.

But last year L.A.M.B. left after sales slumped, and Russo pulled the plug on Narr within three months of its creation due in part to high costs, according to people familiar with the situation.

“A high-end collection doesn’t take off in one season,” a source said, referring to the quick closure of Narr. “It takes time to nurture and grow.”

A Gwen Stefani spokeswoman confirmed that L.A.M.B. is no longer with Artisan, but noted that the split was “amicable.” While the brand signed a licensing deal with Titan Industries, Stefani continues to produce her Harajuku Lovers and Harajuku Mini collections with Russo’s Fab.

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  1. I’m starting to wonder if she’s just going to let some of these lines die out. I appreciate her commitment to music instead of the fashion though…

  2. Gwen is obviously about the music, therefore that must be a priority now however, L.A.M.B had built such a great reputation in the fashion world, if only it had been able to continue, it would be a shame to see L.A.M.B just decline from where it once was. Having a full show at Mercedes Benz fashion week was an incredible achievement!

  3. Declining sales, IMO, might also have to do with the line just not having that LAMB feel to it anymore. I haven’t been into the past few seasons collections and now we know it’s because Gwen handed control over designs to another woman a year or so ago. The shoes are always amazing but some of the clothing has been rather meh for me recently.

  4. I agree with Jenny, declining sales were there, they never stocked it anywhere so no one could buy it, how would you have sales? I couldn’t find 2012 anywhere except zappos and issay. And flash sales sites in a blue moon. Plus they lost the power with the lack of shows at Fashion Week and then the things they did show instead you couldn’t even find. I can’t decide because I want LAMB and the music.

  5. I don’t get it either. The spring 2012 collection looked great and the bags really looked different. Yet you couldn’t find them anywhere. The quality of the new bags were great but I do hope that l.a.m.b will have more exposure in the future. If not the brand will slowly die as no retailers are selling the clothes nor the bag.

    1. Me personally, I have had so many issues with my L.A.M.B. handbags, even after they switched to Artisan. Out of 3 leather bags I have bought in the last 2 years or so have started to fray and fall apart when I’ve used them in less than a month. It’s REALLY disappointing. I hate to say that I’ve actually sworn off L.A.M.B. for awhile cause it sucks paying $300+ for a handbag and the quality is terrible. I really hope something changes soon with the production of the bags because it makes me quite angry. And I know I’m not the only one this happens to.

  6. I haven’t been into LAMB since Gwen’s solo days when it was more young and hip, but I thought the last collection was amazing. I agree though, it has lost Gwen’s personal touch. That was one thing she always prided herself on…being involved with the process and not just being another celeb with their name attached to a brand. I am very, very thankful she’s concentrating on music though.

    The other day I found an old Harajuku Lovers sweatshirt that I totally forgot I had LOL I had quite a few cool pieces over the years that I’ve sold. Stupid me!

  7. You can’t find the line anywhere because the buyers don’t like the stuff. My bff is a buyer at a very popular lamb online retailer and she chooses to no longer carry it. That’s the reason you won’t find it in stores… No one wants it. Ive spent a ton on it in the past but I think we can all agree the looks and the quality have gone way down since it’s inception.

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