Tweets: Gwen In The Studio With Pharrell and Kap-G (Updated)

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According to a post on the Daily Mail, Gwen was spotted heading into a recording studio in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, August 23. There have been a ton of recent reports about Gwen possibly releasing music on her own later this year with possible and familiar collaborators Pharrell Williams and Diplo.

Tweets were sent out by musician Kap-G yesterday that he joined both Gwen and Pharrell in the studio. A photo was also released of the three working together!

Other names that have been thrown around lately include Mikky Ekko, Sia and The New Royales. We are keeping track of all the latest buzz here.

17 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen In The Studio With Pharrell and Kap-G (Updated)”

  1. I can’t handle all this news anymore haha. I hope she will finally announce something during the red carpet interviews at the VMAs and it’d better be a release date.

  2. At least something more official and a photo to go with it. I’m also happy she’s recording with Pharrell again. I’m interested to hear what they will bring to the table in 2014/15. I hope it’s something totally different from HG or WIU.

  3. This photo is from the P&S recording sessions. Jenny even added a disclaimer: “Photo courtesy of No Doubt, 2012”. No pictures to prove it just yet…

  4. Also the Daily Mail leaves it hanging… as she appears to be heading to a studio that could likely be voice work for her cartoon thats currently under production. Did she ever take King or Zuma to recording sessions?

  5. CYNTHIA ur stubborn also an … lol, she brought her kids to all of her recording, u can see the 7 seven days before push and shvoe came out, and there was kingston.
    also if it for her cartoon what r doing there such musicians as pharrel? u make no sense.

  6. Yah you can see Kingston hangin around during the sweet escape recording … This solo record is so intriguing lol… Something is goin on but no one is saying something official.. I hope she does the high fashion magazines again ala V magazine n ID, I really enjoyed those covers during the lamb era.. The anticipation is killing me hahah.. I just hope has a clear theme cuz she always goes all out 🙂

  7. Not stubborn, a bit skeptic. When I said she could be doing work for the cartoon, I was referencing to the Daily Mail article and not the tweet by Kap-G (however he is). And for my question on the kids on the studio was simply cause I did not remember. I will only take any confimartions in consideration once Gwen or her camp make a confirmation on that matter.

  8. Should I be impressed she migh be collaborating with this Kap-G fellow? Just googled him and wow… another wannabe rapper. I dont get it. Maybe its because aside from ND, I have zero interest in pop. I just cant stand these pop songs with rappers on it. But hey… if it brings in $$, who am I to say anything.

  9. Bitter? No way, just plain honest. I’m not into pop (specially what’s currently out there) and I’ve said many many times I was a ND fan and did not fancy Gwen’s solo work. I know that its hard to get how a ND fan is not drooling all over her, but that’s called personal opinion and everyone is entitled to one, even if you don’t agree with it. 😆

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