Report: Gwen Shooting “Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video In Los Angeles (Updated)


It’s been reported that Gwen was on-set this afternoon of her “Baby Don’t Lie” music video shoot in Los Angeles!

Her new solo single, which has yet to be officially announced, is set to hit radio in the next couple of weeks. News of “Baby Don’t Lie” hit everywhere a few days ago after it was posted on Interscope’s promotional site for only a brief moment. Some have already listened to the new track saying the upbeat “tribal” sounding song is said to be another hit for Gwen. The track is said to have been co-written with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco.


According to Video Static, Gwen has teamed up again with Sophie Muller to direct the “Baby Don’t Lie” music video.

Photo courtesy of Michael Wirth for Seventeen magazine, 2005.

30 Replies to “Report: Gwen Shooting “Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video In Los Angeles (Updated)”

    1. I got a email saying that those are to request for tickets for next season of tha auditions they are already going to tape those in October and Christina is coming back for next season and I guess Pharrell is a back also. I think later on they will post up tickets with Gwen for this season for the live shows.

  1. Hey I just noticed on that Gwen isn’t on the Voice any more. Any idea why? Pharrell is there for the tapings in October but it’s Christina Aguilera instead of Gwen.

    1. I read this nut i think it was a mistake on who edited the website… Well, we can still see the her name on other things related to the show on

  2. Hmm, I love all of Sophie’s videos of course, but I really hope she will work with someone else for the lead single at least. I want everything to be as fresh and new as possible!

  3. Aaaah, I can’t belive how fast it’s all going now! Soooo exciting. Remember how a few days ago we still didn’t know for sure what would happen musically?

  4. Man, I hope she’s not working with Sophie Muller for the 1st single. She needs a killer video, something that can top WYWF? Anyway I’m glad they’re already filming it so it means it may premiere on the release date.

  5. Yes, as much as I adore Sophie’s work, I relly hope Gwen picks somebody else for her first solo video in 8 years. She just needs to come back with something fresh and surprising, something we haven’t seen from her before. Sophie knows for sure how to make Gwen look good and pretty, but from time to time her videos tend to be a little boring or let’s say too “safe”. I don’t want something “controversial” like LH, but there must be something inbetween a safe Sophie video and LH. I remember when I first saw the Early Winter video… I didn’t feel like watching it again. It’s pretty and nice, but not really exciting. Same can be said about the Settle Down video. It was nice and all, but rather repetitive and not very inspired imho.

  6. ^ That’s kinda true… Hella Good, It’s My Life, New, Ex-Girlfriend, Hey Baby and (to be fair) also Looking Hot. Sophie did shoot some great videos for them, though. Cool and Underneath It All are two of my favorites.

  7. I hope she continues with the “new nomad” theme… Id loved to see gwen with all those neon face paint , braids n ponytails with clips n feathers !!!

  8. C’mon Sophie is still a great director. Saying that she should retire it’s kind of rude. Don’t Speak, Sunday Morning, Underneath It All, Wind It Up and Cool are all stellar videos. I just think that either Gwen or No Doubt should work with other directors and bring something extra to the table.

  9. To be honest I’d rather that Gwen didn’t use any feathers and extreme tribal references. I’m just afraid people will confuse her intentions and mistake it by cultural appropriation. I just don’t want her to go through the same shit all over again. The Looking Hot incident wasn’t easy to deal with.

  10. LH was a tough time. They must’ve called it the Trail of Tears because they’re always crying about something…(jk)

  11. Yeah…she definitely needs to stay away from stereotypes. I also wish that she’d go with a new director for her first single. Sophie is great for emotional videos, but if this is an upbeat song, she needs to go with someone else!

  12. I truly believe with no doubt their best video was ex girlfriend .. which was directed by hype williams .. definitely out of the box for them….I loved luxurious video from gwen and my all time favorite was what you waiting for…. not directed by sophie … she needs a groundbreaking video with a different vision.

  13. Gwen needs to step out of her comfort zone ..with directors ! I mean how ground breaking can sophie be at this point in the game?

  14. She’s been working with a lot of artists like Pink, Rihanna and even Beyonce. I think it’s not fair to take shots at Sophie’s work, she has done great things before…

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