Report: Gwen Is At The Steelo Benefit!


Wow! We are being told that the benefit last night raised over $80,000 for Steelo and his family! That is incredible, and we also love that Gwen was there to show her support. Gwen and the whole band continues to be charitable and that is one of the reasons that we still admire them to this day. Huge thank you to OhLowi for sharing her photos! She shared a photo of the signed No Doubt guitar (a belt buckle was also auctioned off as well) and a photo of herself with “Angel” from the Harajuku Girls.


It’s being reported that so far the live audience has raised over $35,000 for the benefit! That’s incredible! And a fan has said that they won a autographed No Doubt belt that was donated for the auction! Thank you again to the band for being so charitable and we are hoping for more good news to come from the event!

@pixzdst If you’re not here for @Steelo444, text STEELO and the amount you wish to donate to 27138. MADD love to the $10,000 and $5,000 donations!!

I had a feeling she would! It’s being reported by Tweets that Gwen is in attendance (sitting second row!) at the fundraiser for her former dancer and friend, Steelo Vasquez (who suffered a life-threatening brain injury earlier this year), being held at the he Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills tonight! All proceeds are going to his family and his recovery. Gwen took to Twitter yesterday to remind everyone of the benefit. Not only is the event hosting several amazing dancers from across the nation, but also is holding a silent auction, including No Doubt items. We know the benefit is going to be an amazing event and it for such a great cause. Photos will be posted soon as they come in!

@LaurenChavezSG: Gwen Stefani just walked in….. I’M GOING TO FALL OVER AND DIE. NO JOKE. I’m short of breath…

@scottshuford: Sitting 1st row with Gwen Stefani behind me having just seen I Luminate. This is a night.

@pixzdst: Oh nothing, just sitting across from GWEN STEFANI watching Wayne Brady breakdance. Lol. Tonight is SO dope. <3

@KayPanabaker @ a dance benefit for a dancer who suffered brain trauma & Gwen Stefani showed up because he used to tour with her #DanceCommunity #Steelo

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