Report: Gwen Finishing Up Solo Album For December Release


In a new revealing article with Billboard, Gwen’s new manager Irving Azoff shared that Gwen is currently in Miami working with Pharrell Williams on new tracks for her upcoming solo album. He also revealed that next week Gwen will decide which song will be her comeback lead single and will perform on The Voice later in the season.

Interscope chairman John Janick told Billboard in August that Gwen is on track for a December release. He also said that Gwen is having Benny Blanco executive produce (whom is confirmed to have worked on “Baby Don’t Lie”) and “it will come out in partnership with his label [Mad Love Records] as part of our overall deal with him.”

“Baby Don’t Lie” is said to be available starting next week, with a debut on radio set for October 14.

The article also confirms that Gwen is indeed working on both new music of her own while also writing new material for the upcoming No Doubt album.

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  1. She will decide the lead single next week? Interesting. I assume he just doesn’t want to ruin the surprise of baby don’t lie? This also could be taken as the single will be released next week too 🙂

  2. i find it soooo hard to believe shes working on ND music,, she just doesnt wanna upset us loyal die hard followers and seem like a sell out or whatever. its politically correct as she always is

  3. Bob-why do you find it so hard to believe that she can’t juggle song writing duties with NO DOUBT, working on the Voice, working on L.A.M.B. fashion line and working on her 3rd SOLO album? Oh I forgot being a wife and a mother. Please…can you say multi-task much?

  4. She has done more with ND in her “solo” venture this time around then she did with ND when she was dedicated to them exclusively.

  5. So excited for this new album! I wonder what kind of fashion choices she will make this time around considering she had a specific look for both albums and practically every single. I really really hope the first single is a hit so it encourages more singles and hopefully a solo tour.

  6. @LENA, with all you listed, yes! & its hard for me to believe because following ND religiously since my first show in ’94, over the years we’ve seen how the band works & when they work there best. Also over the years, we’ve been told one thing and the complete opposite happens. i just dont let myself get my own hopes up, its all very practical.

  7. I think she seems a lot happier and more inspired now than she did in 2012. I do think she’s also working on No Doubt, and like others said, I think she’s trying to use these opportunities to ultimately help No Doubt. She knows that if she’s on the Voice and gets more solo success, than a new No Doubt album after should get more success too. When Push and Shove came out it, it wasn’t just a long time after the last No Doubt album – it was a long time after her solo albums! I think being out of the public eye so long hurt the sales. With this, she can regain public attention and popularity for her solo work, and then use it as a connection back to No Doubt.


  8. I just hope her album won’t have too many Pharrell tracks. He is a good producer and he did some amazing stuff, but I always thought that TSE suffered a little from all those Pharrell productions. Personally I wouldn’t need more than maybe two Pharrell tracks.

  9. I’m ready for anything at this point. I’m happy she’s been feeling inspired again. I also believe that some of the material they’re working on id for No Doubt too.

  10. im not so keen on this benny blanco dude. he seems to have worked mostly with straight up pop musicians.
    what was great about the last 2 albums was the variety of producers on it. different people with different references coming from different angles.
    this guys seems to have written a lot of hit pop music, but nothing that interesting, just of-the-moment tacky stuff.
    kind of disappointed with this news. there needs to be substance here….

    1. Hm, but we know there are plenty of different people involved… I’m not sure what exactly the “executive producer” does, but isn’t it what Spike Stent did? Like mastering and some mixing? The individual songs will still be individial productions I guess.

  11. I am really looking forward to the new No Doubt stuff! I just hope they won’t put it in the freezer again.. Anyway they’re busy bees for the moment and as fans, we can but like that!

  12. I really think the P&S era was a difficult time for Gwen and her family. She previously stated that she had to work with Kingston on some emotional issues. Who knows what else was happening at that time. I think ND learned a lot from that time as well and have a revamped strategy for their next album. It also seems like things are REALLY falling into place since Gwen and ND moved to new management too. They needed to have a team that would be aggressive with getting Gwen and ND where they need to be. I can’t wait to her the new music.

  13. Being the executive producer usually means having a huge influence on how the entire album sounds and they usually produce most of the tracks. I’m not surprise she working with him because Gwen is pretty much goin for another guilty pleasure type of pop record. Something to get played in the radio for fun and nothing to serious. She get more personal wit no doubt tracks. I just hope she participates with the song writing bc I don’t want her to lose that “Gwen ” component in her songs.

  14. “In recorded music, record labels distinguish between an executive producer and a record producer. The executive producer is responsible for business decisions, whereas the music producer produces the music. Sometimes the executive producer will enable the creative visions of featured artists by managing where and when to record, selection and employment of sound engineers or session musicians etc.”

  15. Just heard Fergie’s new song and it is really really bad. Not doing well on iTunes either. Here’s to hoping Gwens single fares better!

  16. I loved the songs she wrote with Linda perry and Dallas Austin. I think they should def re connect. It would be amazing if she worked with timbo and missy!

  17. It is SO annoying how you guys can’t stop talking about fergie. You know gwen isn’t like that, and there’s no need to continue this woman vs woman battle everyone loves to drag out

  18. Does anyone know exactly why or have some idea as to why Gwen dumped her old manager? I mean I know the last campaign with No Doubt was not deemed as successful. I was just wondering if there were other issues…

  19. “Dumped” is such a strong word though. I think interscope was going through some major changes too maybe it all happened at the same time? Isn’t Iovine at Apple now? Maybe that’s why Gwen was also there at the event last month.

  20. Sorry-I call a spade a spade with regards to the management issue. But I am happy Gwen has maneuvered through the last debacle that plagued the P&S era campaign. Big things are going to be happening…and much sooner than later 😉

  21. as a matter of fact, fergie has good songs, such as fergalicious and london bridge, which r at the same lame of Gwen’s solo. tho i used to hate her, now i admit that she was good. and his new song sucks.

  22. the management change wasn’t that personal of a move for ND, theres a lot more to it, ask me again when the teas not so hot cuz i got it 😉

  23. I am really geeked that DJ Mustrard is producing a few tracks with Gwen. This will def. broaden her audience & demo! His beats are sick. Also, I love Fergie plus her promotional single. <3

  24. I imagine there is a lot we don’t know regarding what went on behind the scenes with the P&S era. But, I am pretty sure it all comes down not enough time, effort and energy spent on the album. An example of what I’m talking about is let’s pretend a pro football player suddenly decides to reduce his exercise routine from 4 hours per day to 1 hour per day and reduce practicing with his team from 5 days per week to 1 day per week. Do any of you think for once second that football player would be able to continue performing as well and to the same athletic ability as he once did before? I don’t think so. In fact it will he have a negative affect.

    I don’t think less or Gwen or No Doubt and I understand there reasons, but that’s really close what happened with the P&S. No Doubt decided to reduce the effort and time into the album and I also believe they were so distracted by family that they couldn’t focus well enough to get enough inspiration to create quality music. And I don’t think it’s impossible to balance family and music without neglecting either one. I just think No Doubt or more so Gwen was having trouble finding that balance for P&S. It all comes down to math. Band puts a lot effort into a album = an album with a lot of to offer fans. Band puts less effort into an album = Less of quality to offer fans. You get out of something what you put into it. To sum it up even if No Doubt hires a bunch of writers to help them the only way the new album will be good is if No Doubt increases their effort more than they did on P&S.

  25. Travis,

    I don’t think they intentionally put less effort into their last album. I also have a strong gut feeling this new album they are working on will be a critical and commercial success.

  26. Lena,

    I agree. I don’t think it was a case where they didn’t care or lost the love for the music. I just think life happened. And life circumstances took their attention away from their focus on the music. I think new management will help. But I also think or at least hope that their circumstances are better this time and they’ve moved pass or overcame whatever challenges they had before and can now focus more on music. I have high hopes for their future. But I am cautiously optimistic.

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