Report: Gwen Covering March Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine


According to a new article from the New York Times, Gwen is set to be on the March 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Not many details are available about the photo shoot or cover, but the article does mention that Gwen will be wearing a “leather sheath of linked hand-cut leather stars” by famed boudoir and bondage designer, Zana Bayne.

The issue should hit newsstands in February sometime and this is Gwen’s second time gracing the cover of the publication (her first and only feature was back in June 2004).

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan (2004).

25 Replies to “Report: Gwen Covering March Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine”

  1. That’s been my favorite Gwen picture for 10 years!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I remember exactly what I was doing when that magazine came out. ☺️

  2. I want her on the cover of V again of course with we all know is going to happen but what about W? She has never been on the cover of W…

  3. I think its difficult to get her on big fashion magazines because its awards season and most covers go to movie stars. This year is packed, you have Jenn Aniston and Reese nominated, Angelina promoting a big movie, Julianne Moore is finally getting attention (she deserves as many covers as she can) and after the MASSIVE best drama ever of the SONY hacked emails everyone and their mother will try to get Angelina on every magazine. Who knows whats next of the drama, because every day is a new story.

  4. Oh and forgot to add that awfull Fifty Shades of Grey shit premieres on February, so Dakota Johnson will be everywhere too. Rolling Stone don’t always goes to musicians Seth Rogen is on the January Issue out now, Madonna has an album out soon, so less room for Gwen.

  5. I would absolutely love another Rolling Stone cover, but you gotta be impacting culture—–& sad to say but by the looks of BDL & STF she prob won’t be getting good covers, jossy is right about the movie stars/award shows. @JOSSY the Sony drama is great!!!! Haha

  6. I think she ‘s more likely to get high fashion magazine covers. She’ll probably get Rolling Stones if her album becomes a big hit like LAMB

  7. Gwen is still always on the top fashion lists and has her fashion lines…. she is still a big influence in Fashion around the world, I’m expecting Gwen to be on Elle, big in the UK, I thought Gwen might’ve got Vogue at some point… hopefully it’ll be Cosmo in the UK too… Gwen might get an InStyle or something?? I guess she can’t do them all but let’s hope for a nice high fashion one to happen!!!

  8. Bob- Last night another leak about Obama, did you read it?, this is getting from bad to worse. I want Scott Rudin or Amy Pascal on the cover of Rolling Stone.

  9. @Jossy, Yes i saw the obama one!! they couldve gone borderline racist some what had they taken it a lil further! obama being mentioned in the hack really suprised me! lol the adam sandler put downs were good too

  10. I don’t get the Michael Fassbender Sony “leak”??? He looked amazing in “Shame”. 😛 Ok he’s big but I’d take that anyday (no offence to who’s reading). Is that Sony guy threatened by his dick size?? Lmao!

  11. Please no one take offense to this, but am i the only straight guy here?? Lol, please no one take offense, i love everyone, i just have noticed ND/Gwen have a big gay following

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