Report: Gwen and Pharrell Duet on New Album?


Gwen and Pharrell are confirmed to be working together again in the studio for her upcoming solo album and a report is suggesting that not only are they collaborating, but fans can possibly look forward to a duet.

UnrealityTV shared that Pharrell is currently “laying down the vocals for a duet” with Gwen. It was reported that the two paired up in both New York and Miami recently to work on new material, which is aiming for a December release.

Photo courtesy of @bbicecream.

12 Replies to “Report: Gwen and Pharrell Duet on New Album?”

  1. I think we all saw this one coming…of course they are going to duet on the album especially with pharell being so hot right now.

  2. It will be good, they have made some really cool tracks in the past, I hope they make a part 2 to some of their tracks and PLEASE RELEASE CANDYLAND!!!

  3. I’m really curious to hear what a Gwen/Pharrell collaboration sounds like these days. Pharrell doesn’t really do those ping-pong beats anymore, instead he’s all about this smooth kinda disco-ish 70s sound now. I can’t really imagine Gwen doing something like “Happy” or “Get lucky”, though.

  4. ^ I guess you mean “funk”. I’m actually curious to hear Gwen on a more funk kind of sound. She’s tried so many genres before that I think it would come out naturally. But yeah it’s been a while that I heard that Pharrell would be a feature on a track and possibly there’s space for like 2 or 3 tracks produced by him on the album.

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