Report: amfAR Auction Rasied $10 Million; Gwen’s L.A.M.B. Dress Raised $127,846 Alone

Oh my goodness! We feel so proud of her! It’s being reported that the amfAR charity dinner-cum-auction, held at the seaside Hotel du Cap in Cap d’Antibes, France, raised over $10 million dollars, toppling last year’s $7.64 millionAnd if that isn’t great news enough, Gwen’s custom L.A.M.B. gown itself sold for $127,845.75! How amazing! Gwen wore the dress and auctioned it right off her body — how cool is that? She has been getting such great praise for her graciousness and style over at Cannes and we love her so much! Everything she does seems to be a success and no one deserves it more than her!

Commercial Appeal — Vertiginous fuchsia heels bedazzled with 360 carats’ worth of precious stones, a tennis match with Monaco’s Prince Albert and the rubberized second-skin dress right off Gwen Stefani’s back were among the extravagant lots that helped a star-studded charity auction raise a record-breaking $10 million for AIDS research.

Check out some footage from the auction, Gwen comes in at :48 in the video.

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