Photos: Almost Acoustic Christmas 1995

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WOW! How lucky are we lately, No Doubters!? Check out these super rad and rare pictures of Gwen from KROQ’s 1995 Almost Accoustic Christmas concert. Finding all these old pictures of the band from tours and festivals gets us so excited to see what the new album will bring us! This show is also pretty special because we are sure most of you are aware that this was the night Gwen and Gavin first met.

6 Replies to “Photos: Almost Acoustic Christmas 1995”

  1. I was in the rafters that night at Universal when BUSH/Alanis Morrisette headlined!! That is what they looked like close up? Wow!!!

    It was Just a Girl, Excuse Me Mr., and Sunday Morning at 6:15pm to open the show!!!!!!!!!

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