Rare Photo Find Of Gwen Live Circa 1992

We always love showcasing rare old school stuff, and this one is pretty cool! Thanks to Edgar for coming across, check out this promo shot of Gwen live back in 1992 when No Doubt was first signed to Interscope. The photo was found on an eBay auction (would be nice to have in your collection!) and we added a larger version to the gallery here. Anyone familiar with this show?


Thanks to the wonderful Mr. Eric Keyes for clearing up, who actually contacted Tony about it, just a heads up, if you plan on bidding on the item, it doesn’t look like it’s an official promo photo. Most of the promo stuff back in the day, and still is, are group shots, not individual like this one is. It’s still pretty cool though. But don’t be fooled by the poster who claims it’s real when it’s not.

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