Rare Live Photo Of Gwen From 1995

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Check out a rare live photo I came across from Mute on the Floor of Gwen on an early 1995 Tragic Kingdom tour date. The photo was shared by photographer Kathy Rodgers.

17 Replies to “Rare Live Photo Of Gwen From 1995”

  1. There was a video of ND playing live from 1995 and Gwen is wearing this exact outfit. I saw it on youtube about 4 years ago. I don’t know what happened to it, I tried to find it again, but no luck.

  2. I think u need the magazine code acess. Well, I have and I read the story. There has as confirmed her pregnancy. But … I do not know. Let’s hope Gwen and Gavin talk about it. She has not appeared. No pictures after the trip to the museum with Kingston and Zuma. Only Gavin has appeared with their boys.

  3. InTouch? Oh please… I think its InTouch that confirms Jennifer Anniston to be preggers from time to time. Thats why its a tabloid magazine.

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