Video Interviews From 2000 Showcasing Studio And 1999 Club Tour Footage

I know some people have probably seen them, but I know a lot have not. These are a couple of AWESOME interviews with Gwen and Tony from the Return of Saturn era, early 2000, about the record, 80s music, how Tony is into lipgloss, and more from Canada’s MuchMusic. It’s awesome in the sense how they are adorable together on camera playing off of each other and the footage they show is out of this world. We finally have some decent live footage of the tour club in late 1999 and in the studio recording Return of Saturn, photoshoots, and…more. How wicked is the stuff backstage before the shows? WE NEED AN ROS DVD PRONTO! It’s cool to hear Gwen talk about the EMP show a couple weeks earlier in the second part, which was our first ND show. Aww, good times!

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  1. minor detail but it’s not from “much music” it’s actually from “musique plus” the french music station from Quebec, it’s the sister station of muchmusic but still, credit where credit is due.

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