Rare High School Yearbook Photo of Gwen

While looking on eBay this afternoon, I came across a signed yearbook of Gwen’s up for auction. The lister also included some photos from the Loara High School class of 1987 yearbook, including one that I personally hadn’t seen before. For a hefty price of $399.00, you can own a pretty rare piece of Gwen’s history (a little to personal for me!) It doesn’t say when the book was autographed by Gwen, but it does look pretty legit.

Click here to see more personal photos of the band.

4 Replies to “Rare High School Yearbook Photo of Gwen”

  1. Crazy flipping through all those old pictures! Kingston looks so much like her! She was so freaking cute back then! The amount of plastic surgery she has had is even more noticeable after looking at those…

  2. I think it’s pretty obvious…Definitely a nose job and some eye work. I’m not saying she looks bad, she just looks a lot different now and she didn’t need all that.

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