Radio Disney Music Awards and Surprise Performance (Updated)

Gwen looked absolutely stunning this afternoon while walking the red carpet at the Radio Disney Music Awards being held in Los Angeles. She is there to accept the Hero Award which recognized her being such a positive role model to fans and inspiring others to do great things and surprised fans with a performance of “Make Me Like You” on roller skates! Close friend Pharrell Williams will be there to present her award during the show.

Gwen was joined by her adorable niece Stella Stefani on the red carpet and boyfriend Blake Shelton sat with her during the awards ceremony.

We’ll share more photos and videos from the event as soon as they’re available! The RDMAs are airing tomorrow on the Disney Channel at 7:00PM ET.

Red carpet

Presented the Hero Award

Later inside, Gwen accepted her Hero Award during the ceremony from close friend and collaborator Pharrell Williams.

“Make Me Like You” performance

Gwen finally took the stage and surprised the audience with a spectacular live performance of “Make Me Like You” on roller skates! She closed out the show in spectacular fashion and played up the performance with cute outfits and visuals making it one of her best yet.

24 Replies to “Radio Disney Music Awards and Surprise Performance (Updated)”

  1. Interesting dress. I love her hair… It’s weird that there’s no mention of her performing? Maybe she isn’t?

      1. Yeah and someone else on IG said they were skating in her performance! Oh well, social media isn’t always correct LOL I was looking forward to it after seeing her snapchat pics, but must be it was in preparation for her upcoming shows instead…

  2. Gwen’s probably not gonna perform. Make Me Like You is already one of the most played songs on Radio Disney so no harm in her not performing. It would be nice though.

  3. She looked great imho. I love her hair and I think both outfits looked very cute 🙂 The performamce was fun too.

    1. Exactly! Perfect for Disney awards! Her red carpet dress, tho not one of my favs was unicorn inspired. Did y’all see the back is solid gray?
      A+ for clever Snow White, unicorn, Barbie hair, tie ins — perfect for Disney crowd. Disney has the big bucks so way to make them like you — Gwen!
      Movies next?

  4. Seeing Gwen in a Snow White inspired outfit (once more!) reminds me of her on the early ND days and that´s so good!

  5. The outfit looks amazing! It’s totally Disney inspired! It’s a nod to the early days with No Doubt.

  6. Radio Disney has a full clip of the performance posted on its site:

    It’s such a fun performance. I view this one and the Misery performance on The Voice as sort of test runs for the tour. They will view the playback and general feedback with an eye to making adjustments to the staging, costumes, choreography and such. You can see that the video backdrop has already evolved somewhat. I did not recognize the band though, except for maybe one or two members? Perhaps Disney had a house band (or fake one) available for any performer that needed one or perhaps Gwen’s regular players weren’t available at short notice or was she debuting an all-new lineup in advance of the tour? I know Eva Gardner, the bassist she’s been using, is currently in the UK for a week in support of Pink’s new single. Anyway, enjoy! This is one of the best performances of MMLY to date IMHO and a nice fit for a Disney awards show!

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