Quick Look at Gwen’s DJ Suki in New ‘Trolls’ Trailer (Updated)


In a new “Meet the Trolls” feature on the official website, Gwen’s DJ Suki is included and a small blurb about her character.

“DJ Suki can always be counted on to lay down some beats for an impromptu musical moment — of which there are many in Troll Village. Her DJ equipment is all natural, consisting of crickets, beetles and other little bugs that she scratches and mixes with to create a totally unique sound.”

DreamWorks has released another trailer for the upcoming animated film Trolls which is set to hit theaters this November. Gwen is notably part of the cast and voices character DJ Suki which she once described as a “rockin’ troll” (you can see her towards the end and 1:41 mark). Though we don’t get to hear her in the trailer, we’re given a quick sneak peek at the character, alongside a clip of Gwen featured in Justin Timberlake’s clip for his summer smash from the Trolls soundtrack “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

The trailer also showcases that new music from both Justin Timberlake and Gwen is on the way which is rumored to be out as early as September. Justin confirmed that Gwen will appear twice on the film’s soundtrack on both a duet with him and her own song penned by Justin himself.

5 Replies to “Quick Look at Gwen’s DJ Suki in New ‘Trolls’ Trailer (Updated)”

  1. I know I was just complaining about all the corporate partnerships this era but this is exciting news! She’s in great company. And we get two songs!

  2. The movie doesn’t interest me, but the two new songs are exciting!! This is a great career move Gwen!

  3. I really really hope those songs get released, I’m still upset that Shine was never released for sale.

  4. I really hope at least one of her songs will be a real single from that soundtrack, because otherwise I feel like this will just be another wasted oppurtunity.

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