Ariel Rechtshaid Reportedly Working with Gwen

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According to an article on Pitchfork, hit producer Ariel Rechtshaid is reportedly set to work with Gwen in the upcoming months! Nothing else is mentioned in the article about the upcoming “potential” project (and it only lists Gwen’s name but it’s being assumed more than likely with No Doubt), so we’re super intrigued.

Rechtshaid was behind Plain White T’s 2007 #1 Billboard hit “Hey There Delilah” and has worked with Major Lazer, Haim, Vampire Weekend, Usher and even worked with No Doubt on Push and Shove.

Thank you to JC for sending in the link!

Pitchfork — In the years since, Rechtshaid has been able to achieve an impact without falling back on a signature (and pigeon-holing) sound. Accordingly, the potential collaborators he’s got on his plate in the coming months—including Beck, FKA twigs, Gwen Stefani, Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch—come from every corner of the industry.

16 Replies to “Ariel Rechtshaid Reportedly Working with Gwen”

  1. Wow now that’s something. To be honest this is probably the first producer (or 2nd if I count Pharrell), since they started working on the new batch of material, I really see working well with No Doubt.

  2. Not to mention that he was involved in the additional production and recording for Push and Shove (the song). 😛

  3. Ariel gave this interview to Pitchfork last month, so this is still fresh. Maybe the band has already scheduled some studio time with him next year.

  4. Of course it’s for No Doubt. It’s not the first time producers refer to Gwen only when they are asked about the artists they will be working with. Let’s get real, it wouldn’t make sense another solo project (not at this stage). So guys, relax and stop trying to create more drama, saying it will be a solo thing.
    You should be happy and excited because it seems that once she has this baby, she’s planning to go into the studio with the boys.

  5. Didnt Tom said they on another hiatus and that MAYBE they would have news next year? No one saying shes releasing a new solo. Have you considered this might be a collaborationn only and Gwen is only lending vocals to someone else song?

  6. Once this baby is born, it will make twice as complicated for her to record a new album. On all P&S interviews, she mentioned how hard and painfull it was for her to leave the boys home to go to the studio. I love ND and Im gratefull for the amazing 16 years of joy and music in my life, but Im not expecting new music anytime soon.

  7. Well, I like to be more optimistic. Even if it takes +2 years I’m sure they will release something. So I’m very excited that there are producers saying they’re planning to work with her / the band soon. 😉

  8. I prefer her releasing a new solo album rather to wait 2-3 years for another No Doubt album. They all got their families right now, and music is no longer a priority for any of them, so, it’ll get harder and harder for them to reunite, and i don’t want Gwen to dissapear, so, i’m all the way for the solo!

  9. I’m in agreement with Nathan.
    I would love No Doubt to produce something and it be incredible and a huge success but hmm, they have done an awful lot over the years and they’ve been very successful.. I don’t want everything to just be an end, I think they’re all wonderful but I’d hate for that what is ‘Gwen Stefani’ to come to an end also.. I would love for Gwen to say lend vocals to a track and for it to be a massive chart success and it’d be like ‘back in the day’ when Gwen was blasting in the charts! It would be my dream really! Not meaning to be negative but I just don’t see No Doubt ever really getting to that stage again but Gwen could easily if she just lent her vocals and did collaborations to big current artists-loads of today’s huge artist name Gwen as an icon so it’d be a dream for them to collab with Gwen, it’d make loads of good, big publicity for Gwen and No Doubt could still be working on an album over the next year or so and I’m sure the Gwen being a big name in the current charts would only be a positive for new No Doubt’s music success…. I’d also love to hear their work with Skrillex? I know lots of people who really like Skrillex and it would probably be something really cool and current which could’ve boosted them up…. then again Skrillex himself isn;t exactly one of those huge chart dominators whilst he is a success! Sorry I write so much and i bet no one will end up reading this but I just get passionate with my opinion about it all.. x

  10. Gotta be honest, I’d rather have Gwen release another solo album than seeing ND struggling through another half-assed era. Yeah, she said “no” to more solo stuff, but whatever… wouldn’t be the first time she changes her mind. She’d probably just need some inspiration and a taste of success again. I’m sure if she did a collaboration, she’d be down for more solo stuff.

  11. It sounds like she’s in for a colab on this. I love the ND sound and energy– PS just wasn’t the right album. ST and BSC had fun and goofiness, TK had energy and emotion, RoS had amazing lyrics and sound, RS was so fun, bold, and catchy– PS– it was brave and had some good tracks but it was very calculated… had no real flavor. I think they should release a ‘I dont give a…” album and just go crazy. Right now, I think it’d be best to go back to 2000/2001 and do colabs then release an album (like she did with Moby and Eve). Get the name out there, and wham! redo

  12. You people are crazy No Doubt trumps Gwen solo any day of the week. Why would you want to see Gwen selling out again? Most of the lyrics from her solo stuff, she didn’t even really write them, she was playing a character that was not Gwen. she took ideas from other producers for lyrics and song ideas and had ghost writers writing for her. I’d rather her retire than have another solo album. If she does go solo again it would just prove once again that its all about the fame, ego and money now. that’s not something I want to believe about Gwen.

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