Previews of ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions and Interviews for Season 12 (Updated)


A large portion of Gwen’s on-set interview for The Voice, featuring clips and soundbites that will be used on the show, has been shared online. She opens up about her first musical inspirations that she still carries with her today and how being back for a third time on The Voice is different because of her recent spiritual journey. “This season for me is a different level.”

Gwen looks incredibly radiant and excited and we can’t wait to root for Team Gwen in the coming weeks!

The Voice also shared an official first look at the Blind Auditions.


We’re officially less than a month from season 12 of The Voice and the promo and previews are starting to trickle in. Entertainment Tonight aired a quick clip of the coaches on-set sharing their first memories of music and what influenced them growing up (can you guess what Gwen named as her inspiration?). We’re also treated to a sneak peek of the Blind Auditions which has Gwen sparkling head-to-toe in a gorgeous frayed dress and high-ponytail. We also see her showing off new #TeamGwen swag in the form of a snazzy black baseball cap.

Gwen, Blake, Adam and Alicia seem to have incredible chemistry together and we can’t wait to see their camaraderie and competitiveness play out this spring!

Check out the a few new promos for season 12 that are airing now on NBC below.

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  1. Hope this season she’s easy on the thick ”nude” makeup and sparkly fringed outfits.
    I’m OK with her dating Blake Shelton but does that mean that she has to lose all her personality and all that made her cool in the first place? All of a sudden she’s fine being this vanilla B-lister.

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