Preview New “Used To Love You” MAIZE Remix (Updated)


Gwen’s new “Used To Love You” MAIZE Remix has been added to both her YouTube channel and all digital retailers.


Photo courtesy of Tonlist/Interscope
Photo courtesy of Tonlist/Interscope

New “Used To Love You” remixes are popping up online which leads us to believe that an EP may be on the way soon. The “Used To Love You” MAIZE remix is available to preview here and Interscope is listed in the label details so it seems legit. The vocals are sped up a little and placed on top of a nice dance beat. The remix also features new artwork featuring a different shot of Gwen taken from the video shoot.

We hope an iTunes EP is released soon with the remix to help push the song even further up the charts during the holiday season.

11 Replies to “Preview New “Used To Love You” MAIZE Remix (Updated)”

  1. I like the cover (she looks less “harsh” than on the single cover), but I am not feeling the remixes at all. I don’t think they will do anything for UTLY on the charts tbh. Remixes are great for some more exposure on the clubs, because DJs will more likely play a dance remix of that song. I wish they’d release that alternative radio mix with a new video and maybe even a featured artists. That could give the song a boost again, but not those random dance remixes.

    1. I agree, her face looks kinder and more wistful here.

      Yeah, she would need a feature from a prominent artist or DJ for a remix to help her on the charts. I’ve never been one to love ND or Gwen solo remixes anyway…

  2. I just realized her eyes are getting smaller… She used to have big brown eyes. Still pretty but she looks very different imo.

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