“Misery” Music Video Premiere (Updated)

Gwen’s new “Misery” music video is here! The video debuted this morning as promised and was directed by close friend and collaborator Sophie Muller. Fans are already able to purchase the music video on iTunes now for $1.99.

“Misery” was filmed in what looks like an abandoned industrial building and parking garage and features a heavy artistic feel. Gwen looks like she stepped right off the pages of a glamorous magazine spread shot-for-shot and can be seen in many fabulous and gorgeous looks. Three male dancers are featured throughout the video that add a whimsical charm. Though the music video lacks an actual plot, it’s full of stunning visuals that is such a treat to watch.

You can find more discussion on the video here. You can also vote for your favorite look from Gwen in the “Misery” video here.

Tell us what you think of Gwen’s new music video for “Misery” and where it stacks up among the rest!

120 Replies to ““Misery” Music Video Premiere (Updated)”

  1. Why the “dancers”? This video made this song even more uneventful for me. It needed a storyline or faster moving scenes. A lot of nothingness.

        1. Nothing Gwen does ever satisfies you. It’s hard to take you seriously at this point.

  2. Great video! One of her best since 4 In The Morning! I agree with the “heavy artistic feel”, Jenny! And this is what ARTISTRY feels like! <3

  3. Moving my early comment over from the old thread since Jenny started this one 🙂 …
    Such stunningly beautiful visuals and of course Gwen is drop dead gorgeous as are the costumes! Personally I’m okay with there being no linear-type story line since I don’t find that the 3 minute short format serves conventional storytelling all that well. There usually isn’t enough time to do a proper story arc justice and besides I think interpretation of songs are better left to the imagination of the listener. For me, a song is more a poem than a novella, so I tend to prefer music videos that use imagery as visual cues or clues to the song’s possible meaning. I think it’s more fun that way but maybe that’s just me. This video delivers that in spades and I think it’ll be one of those music videos that actually enhances the song it conveys. Judging from the early comments on YouTube, fans are loving this so congrats to Gwen and Sophie!
    Oh, and I loved Gwen riding around in that vintage-y bicycle! As a cycling enthusiast, that bit really spun my wheels. She looked very comfortable on two wheels. Quite the physical specimen is our Gwen! Does anyone know if the horse in the vid is the one Blake gave her?

  4. For me it’s okay. Not much going on there. I prefer early winter video and yes they are very similar. I felt some parys of it didn’t really suit the song.

  5. I like that some of the shots are very slow, it’s interesting visually and sets it apart from all the fast editing that’s ubiquitous in modern music videos.

    But apart from the visual appeal there’s just no storyline, no connection to the feel or lyrical content of the song and as such it doesn’t really ”hook” me. I hope it resonates more with other viewers.

    On another note the ”duck lips” sadden me a bit…Gwen had perfectly shaped lips before, even though they weren’t very full.

    To me Gwen’s best video was Cool. I actually cried when I saw that for the first time <3

    1. I agree… Cool is the best! I loved Gwen with darker hair and light make up…looks so Italian!

  6. The more I watch the video the more I see some symbology, like the building that can represent her miserable state, where she’s trapped in. Dancers chase her everywhere, and it makes sense cause “misery loves company”, which is a common expression/idiom. The final part when she’s riding a bike looks like she’s about to be set free and that’s why I wish it had a different ending, like for example leave the building and go outside to finally find her freedom. Overall I think it’s a great video and I’m proud Gwen and Sophie put some effort into it.

    1. Man, you are really reaching with those “symbols”. There is absolutely no storyline here. Also, this video only makes the song appear to be another miserable Gwen Stefani song about whoa is me…. I thought this was supposed to be a happy song? Anyone hearing the lyrics and watching this video who is not already a fan is going to feel like it is “Used to Love You part 2”.

  7. Stunning video!! The only suggestion I would have is I wanted to see more of each gown. Gwen’s face is flawless but a few less of those shots and more of her and the gowns in motion.
    Just simply stunningly beautiful. That horse!!

  8. Wooow! I love this video…Gwen is beauitiful and elegante her style is modern 😀 …In my opinion this video is better than Sophie Muller directed videos….

    1. I’m sorry…. that I wanted to write , directed by Sophie Muller is the best video ever

  9. I think visually this is her best video in a long time, but as others have pointed out already it basically has nothing to do with the song.

    It looks like random behind-the-scenes videos from different photoshoots. The dancers, the bike and the horse are super random, but a nice change from the endless glamour shots of Gwen.

    I think this video would have needed a male love interest. An actor, who Gwen chases around the empty building and then they eventually have a romantic scene/dance in the steam.

    So yeah, overall this is a very pretty (and very Sophie) video that won’t take this song anywhere, though. There is nothing to talk about and once you’ve seen it you really don’t need to watch it again.

    I wonder what of this video will actually stick with normal viewers, who are not fans? There is Gwen Stefani and she changes clothes all the time and she has a horse waiting for her in an empty building.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. As a fan since 95 it makes me sad when bombs like this occur for her and for No Doubt. This video will mean nothing to normal viewers and the lyrics will confuse them further.

    2. I actually think most of the elements of the video work, such as the bicycle symbolic of being free, everything becomes rosy and she is uplifted and the stallion is Blake. The lyrics of this song are simplistic and repetitive and given that I think they did as much as they could with it.
      A lot of you are wanting this to have taken a more unique different creative direction but that would have required a different song choice.
      I get what you are saying about having a real live love interest but she and Blake are so high profile together right now it would be disconcerting to a lot of people to see that.

      1. The problem, Jill, is that we haven’t had a Gwen Stefani video that was any good in multiple years. Spark the Fire, Baby Don’t Lie, Used to Love You, Make Me Like You and now Misery….we just need one solid video like she used to have. I used to disagree with all the people saying it was Sophie Muller, but maybe they were right….? I don’t know. There is just so much missed opportunity here.

  10. CellophaneBoy20, you’re so annoying. You must be a really bitter person in real life. If you can’t appreciate the beauty in small things, then you must be a basic and empty person. The magic of videos like this is that you can interpret them and even create your own stories. Use your imagination. And yes there’s symbolism/a concept behind this video, the same way there was for the Early Winter video. But hey, be wearing those blinkers…

    1. AWWWWWWW…. now you sound like Donald Trump. “Whine, whine whine. See it my way or I will cry.” I am entitled to my opinion and I think the video is terrible and doesn’t fit the song. Clearly I am not alone by the others’ comments. Saying this does not make me any less a fan than you or anyone else. I am an adult with my own opinions who likes to have discussion about it. If we all agreed all the time, then what would be the point? You’re telling me you like EVERYTHING Gwen has ever done?? Hmmmmm. okay.

        1. That was exactly the point I was making for you… Don’t tell me or others how to feel about the video and don’t put down my opinions when they don’t match yours. Also, don’t accuse me of being a fool or bitter. You, again, are doing what Trump does. My comments and opinions on the video are not a direct threat to you or anyone else, so why do you choose to call me names and put me down?

  11. A beautiful video. But that’s pretty much where it starts and ends.

    It would be so great if Gwen would try using one of her many other strengths other than her pretty face. I mean, other then that, what can you possibly take away from watching this video?

    1. I agree. I am sure this video will get tons of “Is she really 46?!” and “She looks beautiful!” comments, but I hardly think any normal person will try to find the hidden symbolism in this video.

      If this video has a deeper meaning and/or concept that actually has something to do with the song, they made it super subliminal lol.

      They probably could have made this video using Early Winter outtakes lol.

      1. Like I said above, the video is open to interpretation. It depends on how you decide to watch it and who’s watching. Some fans actually like to interpret the videos and see what’s the concept behind them. It’s obvious there’s a concept and script behind it. Now I think it’s stupid to act like a whiny lil girl like CellophaneBoy20 is doing cause it didn’t live up to his expectations and go reply to everyone’s comments cause OMG their opinions are different to his.

  12. Did anyone notice the shoutout to the Countess of American Horry Story in the beginning? It is almost an exact reference that shows Gwen in what appears to be a hotel lobby check-in station with her Lady Gaga-esque outfit and headpiece. This video is really rubbing me the wrong way after watching it a second time. We can hopefully look forward to Where Would I be or You’re My Favorite in the near future before summer is over.

  13. ^lol Id say now you’re the one reaching, friend. I HIGHLY doubt Gwen and Sophie were like “Ok and we MUST include a Lady Gaga reference in the video YAS!”

    1. I didn’t say it was intentional, but it is clearly a nod to AHS and the Gaga outfit…

  14. It’s pretty…great clothes…beautifully shot, but ultimately forgettable…ya know, the typical Sophie video. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before from Sophie and it’s not one that I think the average person would yearn to watch more than once. I do like the bike scene and she looks sexy in the lingerie in the previous shot 😉

  15. I thought her red dress at the end reminded me of blood, but watching it again maybe it’s love? It pretty much swallows her up.

  16. At least comments on youtube are positive. People seem to love the video and are replaying it, which is all that matters. I think some of you guys are putting a heavy burden on Gwen’s back when she clearly was just having a good time doing this video. Maybe she should shoot firework from her breasts or do same pole dance in her next video.

  17. 50% of the comments on Youtube are about how pretty and young she looks and the other 50% are people saying what other songs they wish were singles lol. Really nobody comments on the song.

    1. Sorry YYY, I usually like your comments on other topics, but you’re totally not being honest here. You don’t like “Misery” because you prefer the “urban” tracks on the album. I get that, but that’s personal preference. You don’t have to skew the facts to make your argument that she chose the wrong single. I’ve just gotten off YouTube and it’s a more than 95% all positive comments on the video AND the song. Praising her looks are a component of the overall positivity, as it is and should be for just about any ND/GS video. Sure, people are suggesting videos for other songs on the album, but as the NEXT single/video. I must have scanned through 50-100 comments at the top and couldn’t find EVEN ONE saying she shouldn’t have released this video. People are loving the video, LOL. Get used to it. That doesn’t mean the next “urban” single, if that’s what she chooses, wouldn’t be better received. I hope the next single/video IS phenomenally received, whatever that may be. Anyway people, don’t take my word for it, or anyone else’s word for that matter – just go to YouTube and read the comments for yourself. Or better yet, just ignore the comments here and elsewhere altogether and enjoy the video without letting anyone else color your own reception of it! Personally, I hope she releases a whole video album for TIWTTFL to satisfy everyone! In the meantime, this is what we have. Put all pride aside and try to enjoy it! It’s the #1 selling music video on iTunes, so peeps are putting their money where their mouths are. Doubt they are buying the song/video just because she looks young and pretty. 🙂

      1. Thank you for your comment! People shouldn’t let themselves be influenced by other people’s opinions, especially here.

      2. What? I never said that people didn’t like the video… I even said that many people on YT praise Gwen’s looks and I also said that I think this is Gwen’s best video in a long time despite some flaws. I also like Misery, but just not as a single. It is a cute song and a nice album opener, but obviously it is no single material.

        I’m sorry, but being #1 in music videos on iTunes basically means nothing. That’s probably 50 fans, who bought the video lol. The song itself isn’t even in the top 100 on iTunes and radio hasn’t touched it either… This has nothing to do with my personal taste, it’s a fact that Misery is an awful single choice. The fact that people like the video doesn’t change that at all.

        1. True. It’s just a bit sad, wasted potential in both video and single choice. Video isn’t bad, song isn’t bad, they just don’t have that oomph that Gwen’s material from her first two solo albums had. It’s not going to do anything for her career…

          I mean just think about how fun, inventive and unique the videos for all the LAMB singles were!

  18. Right. Gonna replay the video a few more times and I’m calling it a night. Bye folks!

  19. I would have loved to do a fun rupunzel-stuck-in-a-tower themed video or something fun and cheeky..

    1. Gwen already did the Rapunzel thing in her video for Sweet Escape!

      But I do agree that the quirky fairytale thing suits her very well!

  20. It’s not good when after watching it for the first time my first impression is “whoa, look at those lips! Why did she do that to them” o_O
    I think all those shots are better suited for her tour’s video background shots, not for a music video. It’s just a lot of pretty nonsense, nothing more. She looks pretty but that’s all. Sorry, that is just my opinion.

    1. Sorry but that’s harsh. I really can’t beleive of all the things to comment on it’s let’s talk about her lips! I wonder how confident most people would be to have a camera inches from your face– it can be a tad unforgiving, non? Interesting that none of the guys on here have commented negatively on her appearance.

      1. I was simply writing about the very first impression I had when watching the video. It’s not my fault the work she had done on her lips pretty much jumps out at you. It’s very noticeable, especially when she’s not wearing the red lipstick. Sorry if you think it’s harsh, I was just sharing my thoughts on the video and that obviously includes Gwen’s appearance.

  21. I agree. Very pretty, well shot. Lots of nonsense. Forgettable. Gwen looks great, like we would have expected anything else. Looks like a high fashion magazine shoot on tape. Bunch of clothing changes. I love the song and I think it had so much more potential. Early Winter was better. I feel bad saying that the three dancers were almost more memorable and my favorite from the video. And I’m a long time fan, love Gwen. I just was hoping for something really good. Like I’ve been waiting for forever. Love the song, love the album, don’t need to watch the video again.

  22. There’s SO MUCH going on in this video and nothing at all at the same time. If she’s going to wear a million different (really cute btw) looks, and play with a horse, and ride a bike, and ride an elevator, whatever etc…. I wish it had some kind of story or at least something to tie any of it together. But it mostly looked like throwing things against a wall to see what stuck. It also seemed like trying to get a younger, Instagram crowd while looking really Taylor Swift. . . It’s cute and I like a lot of the outfits but it’s kind of upsetting. I was showing the Wind It Up video to a lot of my friends last week and it was kind of depressing seeing how weird and cool it was and how generic this video is.

    And honestly I thought the BDL and StF videos were both more interesting and reminiscent of her music videos from the 00s then this one. Sorry.

    I think this video is pretty, but it looks VERY different to me than the feeling of the song. I feel like it doesn’t really suit it completely. Her outfits are pretty great though and I love the black wig.

  23. I swear this is one of my favourite solo videos now. Ok WYWF?, Cool, WIU,HG and 4ITM are in my top list but this one isn’t far behind. I can’t stop watching. I think there’s way more than looks. I can feel her despair, anguish, emptiness and also feel a transformation into something positive that is hope, a new love and freedom. This is the Gwen I was missing in her videos. I also loved MMLY but that’s a different kind of video, more entertaining. I’m also happy we’re getting more different sides of Gwen. This makes me appreciate the UTLY video even more now and this whole era. I have a huge respect for her artistry! Hands down.

  24. I have to admit I am a little shocked about how abysmally bad this single is doing… The video has only reached miserable 500k views so far, a number most artists reach within the first hours. The song is NOWHERE on iTunes despite some serious buzz around the video. I never expected this single to do much, but wow this is just tragic. Easily Gwen’s least successful single ever, even less successful than STF and Crash lol. This says a lot.

    We can only pray that Interscope pulls the plug on this single asap to spare Gwen the embarassment.

    1. Woah damn that’s really sad… I hope it doesn’t discourage Gwen. I did not expect it to bomb even harder than STF!

      Just weird because it all started out so promising with the positive reception of Used to Love You and the album debuting at number one! Too bad she couldn’t keep that momentum going.

      1. They waited too long to release a third single and obviously they also picked the wrong one 🙁

        It’s really sad, because this era actually went pretty well for quite a while. Even MMLY was a decent success even though I think it should have been promoted more. I wish Gwen had performed MMLY on The Voice instead of Misery…

        I wonder what they will do now… the tour isn’t selling out either and the duet with Blake won’t be a single… What now, Interscope?

        1. Misery actually debuted at #11 on Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart the week after it was released. That alone was more successful than STF lol And I’m pretty sure it has sold more copies. And Crash entered the Hot 100 at #49. It did great considering there was no promo at the time only a “live” video.

  25. #11 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts is basically #111 on the regular charts, so that’s really nothing to write home about 😉 And Misery only achieved that, because people instantly got it when they pre-ordered the album. STF entered the top 50 on iTunes after Gwen’s performance on The Voice while Misery didn’t even crack the top 100 after The Voice. Since Misery became a real single (after Gwen’s announcement) it basically didn’t sell at all.

    And yeah of course Crash did great compared to Misery, I already said it did better. Even Now That You Go It did better than Misery lol.

    1. Misery actually entered the top 50 if I can recall. The only thing that held it from charting higher was that it wasn’t sent to radio cause it wasn’t a single. Plus all the album sales it’s safe to say it sold more than STF.

      1. Anyway I don’t get what pleasure it gives you to constantly point out that Misery wasn’t probably a good single choice. It’s so weird but you only seem to support hits and songs that crack into the Hot 100. That’s not what defines good music. Even if Misery fails to succeed at least more people will listen to it and that’s what’s so great about music. How many indie bands never have a hit but still produce excellent music? That’s so relative. I know Gwen is in a big label but she probably wasn’t too concerned about it being a hit. You can tell she really loves this song and for me that’s enough. Not every song needs to be a banger.

  26. Let’s try to get this to several million views! Views doubled from yesterday to today YouTube. Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and other mags are in awe of her fashion choices in it and they aren’t easily impressed.
    The more you watch it the more detail you will see and appreciate.
    Everyone who wants her to make another one, why would she unless this one gets more views?

    1. Jill, I agree. This is a very rich video. It’s a visual editorial and every time I watch I find more details. The stylists, Danilo and Gregory did such a fantastic and thorough job. It’s breathtaking to watch it.

  27. Loved the video- Saw so much symbolism regarding new love, new relationship , new confidence. Not sure whether it was intended or my interpretation, but thats the point of art…its Subjective . Take the headpieces alone and apply them to her life – Statue of Liberty headpiece represents freedom and the difficult journey took to get to that point of freedom (can apply to her marriage and where she feels she is now) , the Frida headpiece representative of an actual “highly artistic” person who lived a turmoiled life in an unfaithful marriage and the last straw was when her husband cheated on her with someone so close to her(her sister) . Frida was also someone who’s art was mostly of herself because she had such a lonely existence and felt that she was the subject she knew best to paint (Maybe Gwen could relate to her). The three men are the part of the video that bring joy , life, happiness and are constants following her in video (maybe symbolic of supportive men in her life -her 3 sons , her 3 closest band mates, her 3 voice colleagues of Blake Pharreell, Adam – if you notice her life , she has few women but mostly men friendships and frequently in number of 3 men). The bike – ever hear the phrase “just like riding a bike” . Symbolizing her Starting over when haven’t tried in a long time (dating agai/ loving agian? ) , feeling Youthful and free again in new , heathy relationship ? And where she is when she is riding- getting out of darkness of the building (i.e. her difficult marriage to Gavin) and into the bright lighting and the openness and quick view of out in the distance and being on the top of the building, feeling on top of the world (shows how she is feeling in her new relationship and riding high on life ) . The flowing red dress – to me looks like blood flowing or heart pumping- like her heart is restarted and her life is saved. the horse (cowboy/ country Blake? Tranquility, finding healing in life through nature, love, pet Therapy? )–I couldn’t help but feel the striped dress was intentional contrast to look like a zebra stripes next to the horse – two animals that look so different to others but are so alike (which is what the public has been saying about their new relationship because they look like they don’t fit?) . …and the spiritual symbolism that a zebra represents is very similar to how she speaks of herself and her values….I could go on and on. The change in all the outfits was deeper than a photo shoot- was stating she is reconnecting with who she was and all her different dimensions ,styles , confidence , after she’s stated she lost herself and her confidence during her marriage. ….and the change in makeup and elegant dressing that her relationship makes her feel feminine , sexy and like a woman now and who’s happiness and excitement is awoken within her agian, and who has evolved and matured as a woman now ….the cold, empty building Is the end of a relationship where her heart and life are ready and open to a new slate and new start and new life. ….the first time I watched it , I thought “eh?”, the second time I started to see all these things and fell in love with it..again, I may get slammed by certain of you, but it’s my interpretation and that’s what art should be..personal interpretation when you open your mind to it.,…

    1. Thank you for your interpretation. I see most things you wrote and I agree “thats the point of art…its Subjective”. This is easily one of her best solo videos in a while. I think some people should give it a 2nd chance and look beneath the surface. Once you let it speak to you, you’ll start putting all the pieces together.

    2. I also took away some of the points you made, especially the part about the three male dancers. I too think it’s a lot deeper than it may seem like but I can also understand where some fans are coming from. I think the outfits are strategic — especially the way and ordered they are presented in.

    3. You sir have awesome interpretation skills. Greatest comment I read about the video, kudos!

  28. I will never understand why they waited so long to make a video for Misery… Maybe Interscope doesn’t care about promoting the new album anymore. Well, I only hope she releases for WWIB? and Rare… If not, this will be the dumbest solo era ever… Too many mistakes man! For example, UTLY deserved a great video, somenthing like “Cool”.

  29. Gwen releases her most cinematographic, sophisticated, high profile and seasoned video to date and some people still complain, smh… That aside, the video is gorgeous, it’s a piece of art. I love how she starts sad and deranged in the first part and gets happier as the video goes on.

    1. People will never be satisfied. I’ve never seen so much negativity like this before. Even when she delivers people are like “meh!” lol and I’m like “be thankful she’s still around and feels inspired to share her gift with us”. Not many artist have this longevity. And the good thing is that she’s doing it tastefully; she’s being true to herself and her artistry. She could easily pull a JLo or Rihanna if she wanted to sell more records but she’s not like that. I support her cause she’s not using any artifices.

  30. Keeppositive really cool interpretation dude. Some people can’t watch the vid more than once but I’ve watched it several times to check out what I see in the visuals.

    I saw her crown in the opening more like armor, like protective spikes. And then her flowers on her head like the creativity springing from her brain. The elevator going up, taking her out of heartbreak.

    It’s cool to speculate! In that respect, the video is a success regardless of how the single charts. Gwen has had a lot of singles that have gone literally no where lol, she’s not really a top of the charts girl hahah. She’s had hits yea but I think the album and singles have done alright. The era isn’t a flop in my eyes. I’m curious about the tour though!

  31. Dear Keeppositive ( apt name, btw, lol 🙂 ) – Bloody BRILLIANT analytical interpretation of the video, mate! And a truly good read too. Really enjoyed it. Many thanks!
    This really reminded me of the good old days when there was a wealth of fruitful, fascinating and insightful fan discussion over the themes and imagery in the “Simple Kind of Life” video for example, amongst others. Honestly, there have been quite a few interesting readings of the “Misery” vid in the YouTube comments section (though none quite as brilliant and as comprehensive as yours of course), which actually was kind of a pleasant surprise. The thing is of all places, I was expecting that to happen HERE on BSO. Instead, rather irksomely I might add, the conversation here was hijacked by a couple of posters who sought to be the loudest voices in the room by ramming their disappointment down our collective throats. And what was their quibble? That “Misery”, in THEIR view, should not have been the current single of choice, never mind that it was a choice made by the one person with the greatest vested interest in this era’s success – Gwen herself. And never mind that Gwen, since TK to the present, has always opened her and ND’s albums with a track she/they loved and wished to share and propagate as a single. And never mind that the choice was already made, the die cast, the ship sailed, and that any further griping with that choice was/is tantamount to “acting like sour milk all on the floor”. 🙂
    So again mate, thank you for your timely inspired contribution that I truly hope will serve as course correction for this thread. Now I hope we can all move past Gwen’s personal choice of single, and embrace its video as a worthy addition to the many good things we’ve been blessed with in this awesome new chapter in the career of this amazing singular artist whom we all profess to admire (well, I assume that would be apply to most of us here).
    Let us not get too greedy and instead remember that this is an era that might never have happened if certain pivotal events, fortunate and unfortunate, hadn’t transpired. Gwen herself has said the new record was a miracle that she never expected would happen to her at this point in her life. So really, everything from here on out is actually gravy. Let’s enjoy it for what it is!
    If one is overly consumed with griping, you’re liable to miss the moments to savor. This wonderful reading of Gwen’s new video is the perfect example of how fans could, should milk these moments. This video is a gift. This whole era is a gift. We have a #1 album from Gwen, a Gold single in UTLY, a soon-to-be Gold single in MMLY, now an iTunes #1 video in “Misery” AND even an iTunes #1 country hit duet for Gwen & Blake, LOL (who would have thought it, eh?).
    And all this from a 46-yr-old artist, 10 years removed from her last solo album, who is truly defying logic and the odds in what is a youth-driven industry. Who among us could have dreamt this stuff up in 2013? Also, let’s please stop all this inane talk of a premature end to the era! FFS, there’s a tour beginning in July, LOL. So the era isn’t going to end till Oct 16 at the earliest! Cheer up, you miserable lot, LOL! 🙂
    Tours are synergistic with album sales and radio airplay. She’s touring over the course of 4 months, so expect (at least I will) the NEXT single to be released midway through the tour (early August?). This will be the (late) summer single (better late than never, right?) everyone is clamoring for and it will greatly benefit from the fact she will actually be on tour performing that single. This will also give her all of Sept, when the tour is on break, to devote towards promoting a new song on TV, radio, etc. The choice of that single will be shaped by the audience reception to the new songs during the first month of the tour (or at least, logically, that’s how I imagine it ought to be). I’m guessing it’ll be one of the reggae/dancehall-lite summery jams (WWIB or SMAP?) or one of the “urban” trap-lite trend-chasing tracks (likely, A4I or less likely, GW?). Personally, I would love for the next single to be the bold, brash, madcap masterpiece of a track that is “Red Flag”, but I recognize that’s not an obvious choice. If the tour ends on a high, I could see “Truth” or “Rare” walking the era out on a sandy beach toward the sublimest of sunsets. 🙂
    Now, I can already hear the naysayers bleating that I’m selling a pipe dream here and that there’s no way there’ll be 5 or even 4 singles for this era. To that, let me remind you lot that there’s never been a time in modern music history when it was cheaper to release a single than it is now. That is why you’re seeing the current trend of artists releasing 2 singles at a time to see which will sink or swim (they all know singles these days are a crapshot). It’s all digital downloads nowadays, so the only major cost involved will be producing a promotional music video. That could cost 12mil (MMLY -paid in full by Target, btw) or a measly sub-1k? (UTLY) or anything in-between (Misery), so as you can see, there should be some budget still leftover to produce at least one more video, if not two. And there SHOULD be singles released to support the tour (hence, “Misery” which I contend was always planned as such).
    Everything she does from here on out should serve as promotion for the tour. A new single will give her a reason to hit the promo circuit once again to plug the tour (now, before the tour begins, and again in Sept.), as well as give radio deejays something new and fresh to play when plugging local dates (ticket giveaways, etc.).
    The only negative thing I’m going to say here is that it is NOT likely she’ll land ANY single high on the Hot 100 (e.g. Top 20) because she’s simply sorely lacking in the STREAMING COMPONENT of Billboard’s singles calculation. This is a direct consequence of her being largely absent from the music scene particularly between 2008 and 2011, the years of the YouTube/Streaming boom. So, in the name of logic, stop blaming the songs/singles themselves. It is what it is. The only thing that is going to score her a mega-breakout viral hit is if the stars align or as Gwen says, the “magic ingredient” to the equation magically manifests itself.
    But fret not, not all hope is lost. “Don’t Speak” was sent to radio on a wing and a prayer, sans an actual physical release, ONE YEAR after TK was released (during which time the album had only sold modestly) and we all know what happened after that. More recently, Elle King had a massive hit with “Ex’s & Oh’s” a full year after her album dropped. Ditto for 21 Pilots and “Stressed Out.”
    So really anything can happen. Or nothing. Fans who already own all the new songs on the album may not necessarily see the need for a “redundant” download. A new fan who likes the single may opt to buy the album instead of the single (that’s a good thing actually). So the success of post-album singles really depend on either a video going viral or the song catching on fire on radio (or probably both).
    There are absolutely no guarantees of either happening, so playing the blame game is pointless. Instead of crying over split milk and then beating the proverbial dead horse, let’s savor and enjoy this precious era and these individual moments, and get behind whatever Gwen chooses to share with us. And even if for whatever reason we really can’t let go of those irksome personal quibbles, at least let’s NOT try our hardest to piss on the parade and spoil it for others! What would be the sense in that, besides misery loving company, LOL? Let’s try to be constructive (“constructive” criticism included) instead, as Keeppositive has shown the way here. Thanks again, Keeppositive!

    1. You’re my hero. Thank you for taking the time to write all of this. I think people should try to be more supportive even when her choices don’t live up to our expectations.

    2. I can’t tell you how happy I am after reading your post. It’s always good to know there’s other fans who are truly appreciative 🙂

  32. Yes yes!! ND, Keeppositive, Alex Charles and everyone for giving it more looks and opening our eyes to all the symbolism and we can all agree it is artfully done and we can share as ND says, how it speaks to us individually and collectively!
    YouTube views up to 750,000!

    Interesting that Sophie was in Oklahoma with them over the holiday and Blake was filming a video in an abandoned building there yesterday—with a Nashville crew.
    Wonder if she consulted or if he and Gwen did a video for Go Ahead and Break My Heart?

    1. Blake’s next single will be “She’s got a way with words”. It will be sent to Radio June 6th, so maybe he shot a video for this song?

      1. Oh okay it must be for that song. Too bad tho cause I don’t understand that song choice as single or video and it is one of about 5 that I don’t like on his album.
        Really would like to know with these artists does their label decide or is it their choice what is released as singles, like we were wondering about Gwen too….I mean does the label have focus groups and poll or what?

        1. Yeah I always wonder who picks the singles. I mean, from a commercial point of view I’d assume that the label would have picked the duet as Blake’s next single, no?

          1. That duet is so wack tho.

            The label picks most of the singles, but considering how Gwen has been with them since forever probably they let her pick at least one single?!

          2. I’m not quite sure where it would fit in with radio? Would country play it? I doubt if pop would. His single with Christina a few years ago didn’t do great.

          3. Not that I would mind if it were a single, but I wonder if that is the train of thought from the record label.

  33. “Gwen has had a lot of singles that have gone literally no where lol, she’s not really a top of the charts girl hahah. She’s had hits yea but I think the album and singles have done alright. The era isn’t a flop in my eyes.” THIS.
    Thank you @No, commenters on BSO act like Gwen should be churning hit after hit like Rihanna. The fact that she’s a pop star doesn’t mean she is a total absolute sell out as some people are painting it. Be content with what she’s giving us. Misery is actually the most avant-garde pop song Gwen has given us in many years.

    1. Thanks Ed! 🙂
      I understand the frustration. Everyone wants to see their fav do well. At one point I was frusterated with her producers and team, but I kind of had to let it go cuz we still got a really solid album and I’ve fallen in love with a handful of songs. If you’re not a fan of this body of work listen to her other albums, I do so on the daily. It’s all good!

  34. Enjoyed reading all your thought provoking comments and interpretations Alex Charles, Ed, Jill ,NDLover, No, Jenny and others..and appreciative of all your positive feedback to me too. …fun to find a site with a common interest we all share and to share some intelligent and unique conversations. Ps. Guess my screen name confused some, lol, I am actually a female, but that’s cool . Lol! Cheers!

    1. Hero, hero, hero! Thank you for bringing some positive insight to BSO. I think people overall need some different input once in a while. I think we’re too used to the same debbie downers around here that some of them seem to forget to think for themselves… Nuff said.

  35. Cute video, BEAUTIFUL outfits and gorgeous Gwen as always. But man, I am tired of Sophie Muller! We get few Gwen music videos compared to the amount other artists churn out, I wish we could get something fresh and memorable to do one of the TIWTTFL songs real justice.
    Also, I get its frustrating with the amount of negativity being shown by fans to Misery but I really have little positive to say about this song being a single, it should have remained a promo single. To me it just doesn’t stand out compared to the rest of the album at all. Also, the timing of Misery (after MMLY) is no doubt confusing to the GP… Gwen went from super happy newly in love to pining for love again? Whet? Its like the tone of her music took a step backwards to UTLY.
    But, we have to remember Gwen has been in the game 30 years.. I guess she’s really just making art for herself and only herself now, so respect. (Having said that, Gwen’s constant posting of iTunes charts makes me think she does still want a hit, and she has songs on the album that have much more hit-potential than Misery!).

  36. It’s disappointing to see what a mess this topic has become. One person just keeps changing their name to agree with himself, others are attacking each other….over what? A video? Not worth it guys 😉 I wish Gwen would release a little “behind the scenes” snippet for this video. I’d like to hear her thoughts on the concept.

    1. Changing screenames? Really? I highly doubt it. Even when I changed my email last year I had to contact Jenny to allow me to post with it. It also recognises your IP every time you post. But I think Jenny can clarify how it works better than me.

  37. Could it be that she chose Misery as a single because it sounds really good live? Because as a single, she needs to perform it on TV. Even though its not my favourite song, I have to admit Gwen sounds amazing singing it live. As long term fans, most of us understand that with No Doubt and Gwen, it was never about the vocals. Its been about the energy and fun they bring to their live performances. And Gwen’s unique sound. But its different for TV performances and new audiences now, no? People focus so much on how the performance sounds. Even in recent performances, Gwen’s been limiting her stage movements. It could just be an age thing but also maybe because she doesn’t want to compromise the sound? Other songs off the album, including WWIB are bound to sound different live so misery could’ve made sense that way since it sounds almost exactly the same. Just a thought 🙂

  38. She/Interscope chose Misery because it sounds modern and generic. She’s like a “new” artist for young people so she needs to connect with younger people again. Plus, the singing style of the chrous sounds similiar to her previous songs, so she probably though it was a nice way to release a generic pop song but staying “true” to her “roots” at the same time. I think it was a good idea but they failed to make people wait so long for a video… Also, I think is a cute song but is too flat and predictable, I like it only because I’m a fan. Anyway the next single it’s going to be WWIB?, it’s too obvious, they need to try with the nostalgic and less generic ND sound and some HG vibes.

  39. We are lucky that we get any music or anything at all from ND/GWEN so let’s appreciate it I happen to think the Misery video is beautiful for what it is but at the end I really wish someone would have put her out of her MISERY nobody would have excepted that and it would have got everyone talking if the divorce wouldn’t have happened Gwen would still be stuck in that shitty relationship with that Vampire so let’s quit attacking one another aren’t we all suppose to be ADULTS!?

  40. NO. Actually when your a huge celebrity such as Gwen you yourself control everything you tell your staff what to do and your team they are of course suppose to stay on top of all of it but when your extremely busy have several endorsements and 3 children and a new album to promote its easy to see how the little things could slip through your fingers I see a lot of fans complaining about Gwen’s “team” taking to long to put videos and such up on YouTube well Gwen could easily say something and that would immediately be fixed because they are afraid they would be cast out of the land that is GWEN STEFANI everything she wants or needs is taken care of by someone else HUGE stars don’t live like normal people everyone likes to think that they are normal people but they have completely diffrent situations to stress over than we do and believe me they do stress and it’s not all glamours like it seems it’s work and it’s long and hard your on set for 16-18 hrs a day

  41. Dude, if you can’t cope with my opinions then you should have a good look at yourself cause it’s your problem, not mine. Mind your own business. I’m not here to look for validation. I’m here cause I respect Gwen and artistry. And no, I don’t like everything she does. For example I didn’t like the duet and I didn’t support it. But do I need to drag her down? Nope. That’s the difference of many folks around here. Bye.

  42. Once again I think I’m being misunderstood, only cause I’m passionate about my idol? Nope. I don’t kiss her ass all the time. IF I’m supportive of her decisions. Yes, maybe. But people here are extremely rude. I’ve deleted twitter and I’m gonna stop posting around here. Same about the official forum. Only the haters will stick around. Bye. Grow up!

    1. I’m so sad, cause I like this fansite and the effort Jenny and her team puts on it but the comments’ section has turned into something really bad, much worse than youtube. Never thought I’d find such mean people around here. It’s a shame cause before the P&S era people used to be more supportive and friendly around here. I’ll still follow BSO only for the great posts but I’m done with the interaction with other “fans”. Seriously, get off your high horses and be thankful your idol is still around.

  43. WTF, Electronica? Are you on drugs 🙂 or something, or do you have reading comprehension problems? First you bash NDLOVER (for being “such a follower”) who has been supportive of Gwen and has staunchly defended her throughout this thread, and then you follow that up with two posts saying we should be supportive and appreciative of Gwen and understanding of the stress, hard work and long hours she has to endure? So, which is which, LOL? Hmm, or are you some kind of opportunist who decided to use this thread to single out an individual just because you may or may not have had some previous beef with that particular poster? Talk about childish… but really, I don’t get it, LOL, can you explain your conflicting posts? Aren’t “following”, “supporting”, “appreciating” etc. all mutually compatible elements of what it means to be a fan?

    Now, as Lisa and others above have pointed out, this thread has indeed been a mess. That is mostly because certain individuals (you will notice here that I’ve haven’t named names so as not to antagonize and further inflame proceedings) decided to make this all about their disagreement of the choice of single rather than about the video itself, never mind that this choice was ALREADY made by the one person who has the most vested interested in the success of this era, i.e. GWEN HERSELF. The choice was made, let’s move on and at least try to be supportive of Gwen’s choice of a song she clearly loves, AND chose to be the album opener, AND chose to be single, AND chose to make a video for said single.

    Don’t get me wrong – of course one has the right to disagree with Gwen’s choice and express that opinion. Well, then do just that and move on… but there does comes a point when you can take crying over spilt milk too far, and then to inundate this thread with the same complaint over and over again just to win an argument by being the loudest, rudest voices in the room? Not cool.

    All NDLOVER and several others, such as myself, have done here is step in to DEFEND GWEN and her right to make her own career choices. It’s not about being “such a follower” as you put it. For me, it’s about BALANCE. It’s doesn’t always have to be hunky dory, and everyone always loving every single thing she does – constructive criticism can be a beautiful thing, but it has to be thoughtful and considered to be constructive. But if I see a thread in danger of becoming a “let’s all bash Gwen” fest just because she didn’t choose a song you like to be the next single, then I may very well be inclined to step in and provide some counterpoint to the negativity. That’s not being a blind follower. That’s being a naturally supportive fan stepping in to defend an artist in time of perceived need. Last I checked, this was a ND/GS fan site, am I right? I really don’t think any fan should ever be singled out and criticized by name for defending Gwen, especially by a fellow fan, on a forum dedicated to celebrating the artist and her band. That’s just whacked imo. If anything, if there’s any singling out by name to be done here, it should be for POSITIVE contributions to a discussion as such:

    ” Jill says:
    June 2, 2016 at 7:47 AM
    Yes yes!! ND, Keeppositive and everyone for giving it more looks and opening our eyes to all the symbolism and we can all agree it is artfully done and we can share as ND says, how it speaks to us individually and collectively!

    Keeppositive says:
    June 2, 2016 at 3:42 PM
    Enjoyed reading all your thought provoking comments and interpretations Ed, Jill , NDLover, No, Jenny and others..and appreciative of all your positive feedback to me too. …fun to find a site with a common interest we all share and to share some intelligent and unique conversations. ”

    As you can see from above, Electronica, the person you have singled out for criticism has in fact been praised by others for bringing positivity, thoughtfulness, and enjoyment to this thread. So, again, I’m left scratching my head over your initial post.

  44. NDLOVER really took over this thread by shoving his opinions down our throat. God for id we have our own opinion that doesn’t match his. He said he is leaving the site though. So maybe we will all get a chance to be heard with being ridiculed or spoken to like we aren’t as big of a fan as him.

    The video isn’t out favorite and neither is the song choice. Look at the polling above… But isn’t that what this post was supposed to be about? If we loved it or not and why? If not, then I apologize for all my complaints about the video, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the majority of FANS do not “love” this video/song.

  45. A different direction coz I don’t like conflict. Everyone on twitter was like– where is her iphone?? But she just did that event for Samsung and I’m sure they were launching the new Galaxy and gave her one, so in the pix this weekend she was carrying it. They were like — she can’t FaceTime Blake now–but at the Azoff party I think that was her iphone.
    Also I found the cute leopard print dress that she was wearing this weekend and it is 159.00 dollars, the closest I will ever be to owning something she does.
    It is from a company that does vintage looking pinup dresses. I will put the name on my next post in case anyone is interested. She is getting a lot of positive comments on it.

  46. It is berniedexter.com vintage style 40’s and 50’s style PinUp dresses. Gwen’s is The Paris leopard print.
    Everyone, she also wore a stunning black dress to the Azoff party Friday nite, just wow!!

  47. Can I just say that I agree with CellophaneBoy20, it is ridiculous that we cannot express our thoughts/opinions without having NDLOVER chase us down if we don’t agree with him. It’s happened to me before and I know for a fact it has happened to others too.
    I love Gwen (actually I love ND first) but she is not my “idol” in the sense that I do not put her on a pedestal. If I don’t like a song, performance, outfit, etc. I will say it. Why shouldn’t I? This place is supposed to be for us fans to express our opinions- good and bad. If we don’t like something Gwen has done does that mean we are not fans? Of course not, but for some reason that NDLover doesn’t understand that. When we have an opinion that’s different from his he resorts to insulting others. He becomes a bully. Same thing happens on the ND forum.
    I do have to say, there are things and comments he makes that I do agree with, but I just don’t agree with him on other things. So many times I have not left a reply to a post because I know he will not agree and will make it a huge deal.

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