Maroon 5 Collaboration Confirmed As “My Heart Is Open”; Co-Written With Sia (Updated)


In a new interview with MSN, Adam Levine calls “My Heart Is Open” (their new collaboration track with Gwen, co-written with Sia Furler) “beautiful” and “special” saying “it’s one of those songs that feel classic… it feels like a song that could have been out 15 years ago.”


According to Maroon 5’s Wikipedia page, their new collaboration track with Gwen is confirmed to be titled “My Heart Is Open”, which was co-written with singer-songwriter Sia Furler. Adam Levine apparently revealed the title in a recent interview with radio show host Howard Stern. As of last week, Adam said that the song wasn’t titled yet but had it narrowed down to two names.

Gwen is openly a big fan of Sia and was photographed with her back in April 2013 while in the studio with No Doubt.

In a new article shared by MTV this morning, a list of producers who are lined up for Maroon 5’s new album, V, out this September, features a few familiar names. Its interesting that the producers said to be contributing to the album, including OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Shellback, were both confirmed to have been working with No Doubt prior on new music to their extended hiatus last summer.

21 Replies to “Maroon 5 Collaboration Confirmed As “My Heart Is Open”; Co-Written With Sia (Updated)”

  1. Yeah they probably decided to redirect all the unfruitful No Doubt sessions to a Gwen solo instead. Maybe the material was screaming solo. I can see that happen, especially with producers like Pharrell, Shellback, Skrillex and Ariel Rechtshaid. I couldn’t see them bring something consistent for the band.

  2. Oh, I think we’ll never know, NDLover. Sia is working with many, many artists these days. But I think it’s a good guess btw. I wish they hold the tracks for a ND album, I’d like to hear what Ryan Tedder did for the band.

  3. I’m more excited for the Maroon 5 collaboration now that we know the title. Sia co-wrote the song so I hope it’s a good thing. I smell a hit song.

  4. Probably this song was to be recorded by ND and ended up with a different artist. Just like Perfect Day, written by N.E.R.D Hugo Williams, Gwen, Tony and Tom and ended up being recorded by Kelis feat. the boys.

  5. actually i dont like the name it sounds too romantic, such a balad, look like “dont speak” i prefer hard beats strong ones rock ones,

    1. Yes, LAMB, because you’ve already listened to the song to say it’s a ballad like Don’t Speak. Are you for real?

    1. Whatever girl. If you want some disposable music then you’re probably following the wrong artist. I’d rather have a ballad with some substance than a washed out club banger that you hear constantly on the radio.

  6. Whats up with bands/artists that always need hotshot producers or writers anymore?!? I miss the days without all this collaborating…

  7. Interesting title and very interesting how Adam describes the song. I could see it being some really cute 90s style midtempo “ballad”. I’m really excited about it.

  8. NDLOVER , i dont get where u see “the girl” on my nick.. i am man not a girl, and a lamb is male not a female, have u noticed?

    also this is for you NDLOVER U LOST U WERE WRONG!

    say sory.

    1. LAMB is probably the girliest nickname ever. Get lost. How old are you again? Ha. I thought so.

  9. What’s with all the fighting between fans lately? It’s always the same 3 or 4 people too. We are all here for the same thing guys. Our love for the band or Gwen. Why turn on each other? Poor Jenny haha

    1. I guess we’re all getting bored. We just need a new single or an official announcement to keeps us going. 😩

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