Pop's New Power Girls: Hayley Williams And Gwen Stefani


Paramore’s frontwoman and No Doubt’s singer share more than mic skills. They’ve both: dated band mates (Josh Farro for Hayley, Tony Kanal for Gwen); sung with rappers (Hayley on B.O.B.’s “Airplanes,” Gwen on Eve’s “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”); and inspired trends (think plaid pants and vivid locks). But Williams still has to catch up — Stefani’s already on her seventh year as a fashion designer!

4 Replies to “Pop's New Power Girls: Hayley Williams And Gwen Stefani”

  1. i hate the fact that they compare gwen with this chick from paramore what ever her name is. gwenhas wayyyy more talent and shold not be compared with whats her face…

  2. Uhhhh…I think they’re about 15 years too late for the “NEW power girls” label. Gwen has been in the game for a looong time. It does sucks that every rock singer has to be compared to each other. They rarely do that with the men.

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