Poll: Would You Like “My Heart Is Open” Released As A Single?

<> on February 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

After all of the buzz after Gwen and Adam Levine’s intimate and surprise Grammy performance of “My Heart Is Open”, would you like to see Maroon 5 release the song as their next single? It seems that the band has included the track in their current setlist on tour (which has fans a little miffed considering the lack of new material being performed).

Two months ago, Instagram user @elenascaruso shared that she recently auditioned for the upcoming “Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani’s video”.

Are you a fan of the ballad and would you like to see it released?

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33 Replies to “Poll: Would You Like “My Heart Is Open” Released As A Single?”

  1. I’m sure it will be released as a single though. I guess Maroon 5 released songs with other featured artists in the past as singles.

  2. the song is just eh– sloppy lyrics. I think it’s lazy when they have a big percentage of the song just saying “yeah yeah yeaaaaah” or “yes yes yes”. I’d rather have her sing “I wish I was that bear” and release SHINE.

  3. The song will not be “her single” just like Hey Baby was not Bounty Killer’s single. She’s a featured artist on Maroon 5 track.

  4. Cynthia, technically it’s still her single. You can’t discard it from her discography, liking it or not.
    Anyway I can’t see them releasing this single anytime soon. Sugar is still doing well on the charts.

  5. Just saying that all work and promotion are on the band’s hands, Gwen most likely won’t participate on any actions/promos.There are artists that are featured on other artists tracks and are not even on the video. The single will not be sold as a Gwen Stefani track, but as a Maroon 5 track that features Gwen Stefani.

  6. Yeah I don’t understand the point “No I want ‘Start a war’ as next single…”. MHIO = M5 song; SAW = Gwen Stefani song. She’s only a featured artist on MHIO and could still release a new single on her own around the same time. Ellie Goulding has “Love me like you do” out as her own single and at the same time her track with Calvin Harris is a single too. Same with Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande. Both had their own singles out and were featured on somebody else’s track at the same time.

    We just have to be realistic and accept that MHIO is – especially at this point of her “comeback” – a HUGE oppurtunity for Gwen. It could pave the way for her own next single.

  7. I disagree NDlover gwen could release start a war which would be her single and she could be featured on maroon 5 single MHIO. I dont see why she cant have both out around the same time. And I say yes to having MHIO as a single, although the song is mediocre it would at least be a minor hit and get gwen out in the public eye again even more. Plus I would love to see her in a music video. I think both Start a War and MHIO wont be released for another month or two though. But I have a feeling both songs will be singles.

  8. I see no problem with being feat. on another bands single and having one of your own out at the same time.
    I just hate M5 and this song equally. I thought it went away and now it seems to have bubbled back to the surface.
    I’ll be quiet now 😉

  9. Rose Marie, I guess Shine won’t be released as single. It will probably be released when the DVD comes out in April.

  10. I don’t like M5 and I don’t really like this duet that much either, but still it would probably be an opportunity for Gwen, just because of being on the radio. Tbh, I’m pretty sure Start A War will be Gwen’s next single anyway, whereas My Heart Is Open would just be a M5 single feat. Gwen Stefani, so yeah, why not?

  11. To be quite honest, I’m not sure SAW will be a single as this point. I think it was only played at her concert as part of the surprises promised by Mastercard.

  12. I’m not excited for it to be a single tbh. The song is medicore at best and even live performances won’t be thrilling. Still, it would be a hit and we would at least get a new video out of it.

  13. The only good thing that could come out of this is that if it becomes a hit, it will be good for Gwen’s next single. I won’t hold my breath, though. It’s hard to predict what people will keep on the charts these days.

  14. I like the song; I think it would only be a positive really…. It could be a hit, Maroon 5 keep making hits so why not? It would be nice to see Gwen in a video… I just want as much Gwen as I can get really… These days, loads of the chart topping artists are all appearing on each others song & videos constantly, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande etc.

  15. Is it just me or did Gwen and Adam have zero visable chemistry during their Grammy performance? They were both singing to the audience as if they were alone on stage with very little awknowledgement of one another- which is odd considering its a love song. I get the vibe Gwen did it as a favor to her former co-coach, but I dont think the song means much else for her in the grander scheme of things.

  16. Personally I think “my heart is open” is a lame lackluster song … it seems like a filler track on maroon 5 new cd … it just is snore worthy … boring.

  17. Cooler89, I guess considering they’re both married maybe they thought it would be awkward? But I agree that there’s zero chemistry between them on stage.

  18. NDLOVER, When Gwen performed with Blake on the Jimmy Fallon Show, they had chemistry and they’re both married. I think that Gwen was nervous at the Grammys, and I remember when she performed with P!nk, she was the same way, she didn’t look at P!nk and she said she had trouble with it, in doubt if she should look to P!nk or to the audience.

  19. Yeah people need to give her a break, she’s going 50, not 30. Who are we fooling who? I think it’s extremely rude to point out she’s starting to look saggy. FFS! Not to mention that she looks better than most people in their 20s. Seriously,

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