Poll: Which Song Should Be Gwen’s Next Single?

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Interscope
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Interscope

While fans and listeners are still riding high on Gwen’s latest single “Make Me Like You” (which is finally making it’s way to radio stations across the US), we’re curious which song from This Is What the Truth Feels Like would you like to see her release next. We’ve included “Misery” due to it not being pushed as an official new single and excluded all bonus tracks because we find it highly unlikely for her to promote something that isn’t readily available to some fans.

In our opinion, we could see her releasing her reggae-pop track “Where Would I Be?” that would appropriate and perfect for the spring and summer. “Asking 4 It” could be a big radio splash for Gwen while having Fetty Wap featured on the track would draw extra attention, too. Or, we could her see her releasing “Truth” or “Rare” since they seem to already be fan-favorites and would round out the era nicely with another strong ballad-ish with alongside “Used To Love You”.

Gwen is set to perform on SNL next weekend (Saturday, April 2) and we would be thrilled and excited if she treated us to something new live (we’re predicting “Make Me Like You” and “Misery”).

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  1. I’d say given the lukewarm response to Misery, it’s best to move on to another track. I love that song but no one outside of her core fan base seemed to notice when it came out. Where Would I Be feels perfect for summer and might appeal to the reggae loving, “classic” Gwen fans more than say, the more hip-hop influenced tracks.

    Truth would be a great follow up single in mid/late summer. I actually prefer Rare in terms of ballads, but Truth seems a bit more radio friendly and name dropping the album doesn’t hurt.

  2. Where Would I Be or Rare. Rare is not a ballad to me though, maybe in the verses, but it’s quite uptempo.

  3. Make Me Like You, wasn’t well-received despite the awesome live music video, and Misery, was barely recognized. I love the record, but unless the next single is a more “relatable” Gwen track that people are used to (I.E. Me Without You or Truth) this record is going to flop.

    Unfortunately, people love heartbroken Gwen and want to hear about the aftermath of the divorce.

  4. Either asking 4 it or truth. They were the only songs that charted on itunes after the release. I’d prefer asking 4 it then truth as a 4th or 5th single.

  5. I think “send me a picture”
    Is more catchy and gets stuck in my head more often… I think it could be a hit on mainstream radio bc everyone is making hits with references to technology, phones, etc.

  6. I hate the fact that “Rocket Ship” and “Getting Warmer” are on the target edition because those 2 are the best single choices. Best songs on the album besides the singles and “Where would I Be”

  7. Does no one else think the bonus tracks are better (more radio friendly) than the rest of the album? I do like send me a picture, you’re my favorite and where would I be. However, I hate to tell you guys that asking 4 it is going to be the next single. That’s why Gwen was so focused on that single during her Facebook live q and a session. I like that song, but it’s another flop for radio. I just don’t get the choices. Getting warmer has Selena and Justin feel to it.

  8. For the summer I think more uptempo songs are better right? so I’d say that Asking 4 It and Where Would I Be are the best options.. Asking 4 It is probably the most safe choice. After that I’d choose Me Without you.. the song is so great and the lyrics are centred on a very strong woman who’s over her ex… People LOVE it.. much more than songs about a woman in love let’s be honest. But if there’s gonna be a single about a woman in love I think Rare would be the best choice. I love Truth but it’s too personal, not a personal song like Used To Love You that people can easily relate, it’s really hard to relate with it.. I’d even say that it would be hard for people to understand the song. Rare is personal but I think people can understand and relate more with it.

    1. I assumed she was referring to Blake since they are in a long distance relationship, but your theory is interesting! LOL

      It would be cool if BSO did posts to break down each song. I love interpreting her lyrics and seeing what other people come up with!

  9. I think this is a tough choice because the 3rd single will be pivotal to the album’s longevity on the charts.

    Asking 4 It seems to be the top choice, but I have a few concerns about it. One, Gwen’s part is kind of weak and forgettable and I think Fetty outshines her. I feel this song was rushed and could have used some more work lyrically. Two, I’m not sure where this song would fit in on the radio. AC probably wouldn’t touch it and I’m not sure if Hip Hop stations would embrace Gwen anymore? Three, Gwen has said she had a tough time getting Fetty into the studio to record his part, so I can only imagine how difficult it might be for him to help her promote the song seeing how his career is on fire right now. I suppose Stephen could perform his part, but non-fans would say, “who is this guy?”.

    I think I’m the only person who is underwhelmed by Truth and Where Would I Be, but I can see WWIB being a strong 3rd single contender. It does get stuck in my head.

    Rare or Me Without You would make a nice 4th or 5th single, but I think it’s too soon to release another mid-tempo song. I could also see throwing out “Naughty” in the future just to see what would happen if nothing else works. Either it would catch on like Hollaback Girl, or it would be universally hated like STF… LOL

    I think Misery is still an option. It showed promise on the charts when it was released and I think it would be a lot of fun for Gwen to perform live. I can totally seeing her involving the crowd.

    So I guess it’s Misery or WWIB for me! I obsessed with You’re My Favorite, but it probably wouldn’t be a good single 🙁

  10. I feel like I’m on a Lady Gaga fan site full of annoying Lady Gaga fans, because all you care is “flops”, “commercial success”, “charts” and all that stuff, lol. I guess Gwen fans have changed a lot. Just saying.

    1. LOL instead of trying to insult everyone, why not give YOUR opinion on what the next single should be? 😉

      1. Well, I think the next single needs to be super radio friendly like “Misery”, “Asking 4 It” or “Send Me A Picture”. But I really like “Red Flag”… it’s very Gwen*, I love it, pure fun. I think that song has to become a single at some point… I also like “Me Without You” and “Where Would I Be?”. Those are nice songs but I don’t know if people will like them since are not that “basic” like everything is being played on radio right now.

        1. I would love for her to take a risk and release “Red Flag” or “Naughty”. They are two totally unique songs like nothing on the radio (which could be a good or bad thing) but I could see her having fun with them. And the videos could be nuts!

          1. Same… Red Flag has always appealed to me. Even though it can be repetitive I can totally see a music video from it.

  11. I’d be happy with Where Would I Be?, Asking 4 It or You’re My Favorite as the 3rd single. I think Rare should be the final single of the era.

    1. Looks like she’s gearing up to release a new one soon. Wish she would do a new shoot. But I guess she will use all the ones done for the art for TIWTTFL.

    1. I’m ok with any song being release as single, expect Send Me A Picture! I’m not feeling the lyrics/theme.

  12. I might be in the minority but I think Asking For It, Truth and Where Would I Be are all terrible songs.
    Rare would be a nice single.

      1. Thank you Cynthia, now I don’t feel all alone, lol. I keep reading how people love those songs in particular but I’m just not feeling them.

  13. Let’s face the fact that her singles are flopping because radio hardly plays pop stars at her 35/40+. Ageism in radio it’s a real deal, so it would be really hard for Gwen to have a big hit.

    Anyways, Where Would I Be it’s really catchy and fresh, maybe they give a chance. If they don’t, I don’t care, she just need to release a music video, promote, go on tour and f* off the industry and it’s sucky ways.

    1. True. She already chose two radio friendly songs with minor success, so now she should choose whichever song she’s most excited about. I think Naughty would be a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind Red Flag if it didn’t have that weird intro.

  14. I’m totally with Jenny, it has to be Naughty or Red Flag.

    I also think the bonus tracks stand out, except for Loveable. Getting Warmer would be the perfect next single! It has incredible hit potential imo.

    I’m not blown away by the mid tempo songs on the album, I just don’t think they are strong enough to become a big hit (although I think Me Without You would’ve been a better first single than UTLY).

    Asking 4 it is just the most annoyingly monotonous, void and repetitive song! Maybe Gwen’s worst track ever imo. Praying to my lucky stars it’s not the new single.

    1. No idea how it would be received by the GP but it’s one of the best on the album. Red Flag could also make an interesting single!

  15. If I was the one to choose it would be Naughty or Rare. Getting Warmer, Obssesed and Loveable are also on my list of best songs on this album, but they are bonus tracks, they will never be made official singles, maybe promotional ones for international markets (like Happy Now was). I think she will indeed push Asking 4 it, since it has Fetty Wap, and looks like he’s big right now, so it would be a smart move to have this one out and get attention. Personally I don’t like this song, I listened to some of his songs posted here and found them horrible (sorry guys, not my cup of tea) and I can’t understand a word that dude is singing, funny that I can understand Busy Signal, go figure…

  16. Actuality:
    Single #1 – “Used to Love You” (October 20, 2015)
    Single #2 – “Make Me Like You” (February 12, 2016)
    Promotional Single #1 – “Misery” (March 11, 2016)

    Single #3 – “Asking 4 It” (April 1, 2016) This would be ideal because she could perform it
    Single #4 – “Where Would I Be?” (June 10, 2016) Good summer anthem
    Promotional Single #2 – “Rocket Ship” (August 5, 2016) Tease for a new release
    Single #5 – “Getting Warmer” (August 26, 2016) Perfect final single for the album; it attracts consumers to buy the Target CD and it’s great marketing considering it’s not on iTunes… yet!

  17. I think the best choice would be Where Would I Be, since it’s a super catchy song and has this typical “Gwen vibe” haha. Naughty could also be very interesting as a single cause it’s quite an earworm and would definitely stand out (also, I would love to see a video for it!), but it seems like radio stations are hardly playing her any more, so i guess expecting a hit à la WYWF, Hollaback Girl or TSE would be quite unrealistic. I just hope she doesn’t choose Asking 4 It, I mean it’s a fun song and all, but just too repetitive IMO.

    Personally, I would love to see Getting Warmer being released as a single in the future, but I suppose that’s not gonna happen – which is a shame, cause to me it’s one of her best songs ever. Generally, I am very satisfied with the quality of the four bonus tracks of the deluxe edition (and with the album itself, too, of course).

    But whatever song she decides to release as the third single, I just hope it finally helps the album take off outside of America.

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