Poll: Which New Single Sounds the Best Live?

In a new fun poll, we’re curious which of Gwen’s latest songs do you think sounds the best live. After several notable live performances, “Used To Love You”, “Make Me Like You” and “Misery” (which has been released as a promo single) have all became stronger over the past few months and we’re hoping she takes her new record out on the road.

Which single do you think sounds the best live? Do you have a favorite performance of the era so far? We’ve also included live concert performances of each to compare.

“Used To Love You”

“Make Me Like You”


After looking over our results for which song you would like Gwen’s next single, the majority of fans are wanting her to release “Where Would I Be?” next.

5 Replies to “Poll: Which New Single Sounds the Best Live?”

  1. Used to Love You for me, it had the best live performances and you could really hear gwens emotion. Misery 2nd (haven’t had enough lives of it yet to be first) and Make Me Like You usually doesn’t work well live though it has improved since she first performed it.

  2. UTLY is so emotional live, but I think Misery is the song that worked so well live since the beginning. MMLY doesn’t resonate in the same way live to be honest.

  3. For some reason MMLY is always too slow when performed live. I don’t know what it is, but the live performances really took away most of this song’s fun nature. I think that is one reason why this song never responded that well to promo and didn’t go far on iTunes after TV performances. It just sounds really boring live. I will never understand why Gwen barely uses real (female) backing singers…

  4. Misery for sure… Gwen has more to work with…more ab-libbing, more of an audience connection, more movement.

    MMLY has been improving with each live performance, but I don’t find the song in general to be terribly exciting. I still wanna hear an acoustic version though!!

  5. I feel like Gwens voice is too blended with her back up singers. Especially on MMLY on GMA. That female bassist backup singer made me want to scream at how bad it was. We need to hear Gwens voice more… Not too much but enough to not be covered up by the band and back up singers.
    Love these new songs! <3

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