Poll: What Was Gwen’s Best VMA Look?

MTV is hosting the annual Video Music Awards tonight, and in the past, the band and Gwen have always been a fashion staple at the show. So we want to know — what was Gwen’s best look in your opinion? Was it her blue fluke hair which she rocked at their 1998 appearance? Her throwback to the 40s pinup with a Rock Steady twist in 2001? Or her slick, and now famous, L.A.M.B. leopard look which she stunned fans with back in 2005? She has always impressed on the red carpet (the band also appeared at the 1996 show as well) and we want to know what look she rocked the best!

One Reply to “Poll: What Was Gwen’s Best VMA Look?”

  1. All though she looks fabulous in all her vma outfits, I love her leopard dress a lot! I love to see how she changed over the years.

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