Poll: What Was Gwen’s Best Live Style?

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For day three of our poll week, we want to know what was Gwen’s best style while on tour over the years! We realize she’s mixed it quite a bit during the eras (and it would have been hard to include everything!), but we put together some of her most iconic looks from past tours to help you decide. While her style has changed so much over the years, her spirit and energy has remained and she’s such a flawless icon and inspiration! Let us know which tour look was your favorite. Thanks for voting!

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12 Replies to “Poll: What Was Gwen’s Best Live Style?”

  1. I was only able to see three of those tours, so my choices were, ROS, The Singles Tour and the Summer Your. I chose the ROS tour cause it was the ND concert I’ve been to and I love Gwen in pink. 😀

    She looks great in all those yours, but ROS is my fav. 🙂

  2. My top pick is TK because she had such a unique, punk, yet girly look. I guess TK will be my answer to everything since that’s when I fell in love with the band LOL I liked her stage style in the beginning of ROS too, but not so much later on. The worst was RS. I hated most of her outfits in that era. She was trying to do too much.

  3. I was not a fan when gwen went solo, but hands down that was her best style when I look back on it now. Those days were all about the style, and the harajuku alice in wonderland look was amazing! A close second would be the whole scarface inspired over the top glamour that came with the sweet escape. I was all just perfect fantasy….

  4. After her solo stuff there isnt any more effort put into her look which is so sad. The singles tour and all that she wore for push and shove is the same. the same hair styles, cloths, everything. Everything prior is everything that made Gwen an icon

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