Poll: What was Gwen’s Best Guest Appearance?

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With poll week about to wrap up, yesterday we asked what your favorite featured artist was with No Doubt, and today we want to know what you thought Gwen’s best guest appearance was! We excluded live performances (i.e. “Glycerine”, “Wild Horses”, etc.) to make it easier since she has collaborated with so many over the years. Some amazing tracks have came out of Gwen’s special appearances and even won her several awards including a Grammy (for her work with Eve on 2001’s “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”). Please let us know if something was left out so we can add it to the choices! Thank you for voting!

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6 Replies to “Poll: What was Gwen’s Best Guest Appearance?”

    1. Honestly, me either. If it wasn’t for that article and interview with Poe then I would have doubts about it. I just think she was turned all the way down. Such a bummer!

  1. Seriously, that Poe song is going to be one of those eternal ND related mysteries lol. I’ve known that song for many years now and I have never heard Gwen sing just one single word on it. She might be in the background somewhere, but I just don’t hear her.

  2. BSC should ask her about it on Twitter! Not that she ever checks it… lol

    I gotta admit, I bought A LOT of these albums JUST for the song that Gwen guested on. What a waste of money! Thank goodness we can buy individual songs now haha

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