Poll: What Is Your Favorite Gwen Solo Single?


With today’s poll wrapping up the week, we’re curious what your favorite solo single from Gwen is! Gwen’s two mega albums Love.Angel.Music.Baby and The Sweet Escape spawned millions in sales, new fans, and gave Gwen the creative freedom to take over the pop music charts. Her songs stick still with so many and both albums still sound new and fresh to this day! Which single was your favorite?

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and participation! We’ll have poll results up soon from the past week.

7 Replies to “Poll: What Is Your Favorite Gwen Solo Single?”

  1. Sometimes you like songs for different reasons– I like WWYF for the fun, crazy sound, but Rich Girl turned Gwen’s solo career around– it charted and got people interested, paving the way for the HBG hit to super-stardom. WIU kind of ruined the hype for TSE, but TSE (song) was a good bounce-back, but then everything else failed to chart on that album…

  2. Wind It Up, but Cool as well!! Erin in the Video for Cool is classic, and the Disneyland references are great!!! Harbor Blvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What You Wating For? is my favorite song/music video ever. More music artists should watch that for a lesson on a music video. It is a fully realized work.

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