Poll: What Is The Best Live Tour DVD?

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Poll week is back! All this week, everyday a new fan favorite poll will be posted on the site for fun! Our last run at this was a huge success and we thank everyone for their participation and honesty. Next Saturday, we’ll post the results and encourage discussion as we name the winners.

First up, No Doubt has released some incredible live DVDs that really showcased and treated fans to some of the band’s more memorable tours, including the Tragic Kingdom tour, Rock Steady, and Gwen’s first solo trek around the US for the Harajuku Lovers tour in 2005. Which was one your favorite?

“Sunday Morning”, Live in the Tragic Kingdom (1997, 2003)

“Hella Good”, Rock Steady Live (2003)

“What You Waiting For?”, Harajuku Lovers Live (2007)

7 Replies to “Poll: What Is The Best Live Tour DVD?”

  1. We need another live DVD! Why not the Singles tour or the reunion tour? I would love a Gibson tour DVD.

  2. Definitely LITTK! Still have it on VHS! The sound quality was amazing and Sophie did a great job capturing their live persona!

    I still wish Gwen had released a Sweet Escape tour DVD. Loved that setlist!

  3. LITTK. The other two are so quickly edited that you don’t see anything for longer than 3 seconds at any given moment. Makes me a little dizzy.

    Also, I was at the Tragic Kingdom show. So I may be a little biased.

  4. It’s really hard to decide because they are all great in their own time. I voted for the Rock Steady DVD but like I said they are all good. I enjoyed both of Gwen’s solo tours. They were fun and a good time with my family.

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