Poll: Should the Harajuku Girls Return?

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With Gwen’s new solo album and era upon us in the coming weeks, we’re curious how you would feel if Gwen made her return with the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angel, Music and Baby) in tow. She’s most likely heading out again on her own this time around but including them in a few performances might be a special treat.

Gwen had them by her side again during her charity Harajuku Royal/T party for the special event back in June 2011.

Thank you for voting and to Lisa for the fun poll idea!

Photos courtesy of No Doubt.

23 Replies to “Poll: Should the Harajuku Girls Return?”

  1. If they returned, it should a “light version” of how they used to be. Just let them appear as random dancers in the music videos without stressing Asian clichés and everything should be just fine. Since Gwen is still doing this whole Harajuku thing, I’m sure she’ll have them back in some form.

  2. I said no only because people are so sensitive these days. Back when Gwen had the harajuku girls during her first solo eras nobody was calling it racist. I think its a different time now and she would get a bad rep from the public if she were to do it now. But a cameo in a video or on tour would be nice!

  3. NO. It’s a new era and I’m sure she can come up with something fresh. It’s too risky having 4 mute Japanese girls following her around. I don’t think she can get away with that in 2014. I would be fine with them being on tour as dancers though.

  4. I personally love the idea and enjoy the fashion of it all but I also recognize that it does invite unnecessary controversy. People these days are ready to hate and tear people down just because they r in the top.

  5. Maybe as backup dancers in music videos like in Settle Down of No Doubt and have them as back dancers for Gwen’s next TOUR! (which will stop by in Montreal for sure, *******fingers crossed*******)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GWEN! You are an inspiration everyday to me! I became a makeup artist and you’re one of the reasons why!



  6. People were calling it racist the first time. . . Look it up. Margret Cho pointed out, and there’s articles from other people in 04/05 about it. I love Gwen and I really hope she doesn’t bring them back. In hindsight they seemed really racist and it’ll shut Gwen of to a younger crowd who’s aware of these issues. I know she meant well but she should really see peoples reaction now and move forward.

    Gwen needs her so bad, coz its boring without the show she said it!

  8. The “controversy” behind them was quite benign, much like the looking hot video. Not interesting
    Everything harajuku girls is Cheeeeezzzy.

  9. They were essentially her accessories, her dolls. It’s just uncomfortable and awkward. I’m into uncomfortable and challenging but only if it’s actually interesting.

  10. Yeah I hope Gwen and her team will be more careful with everything “cultural” this time. That’s why I hope the BDL video won’t have any tribals and stuff. It’s kinda sad that artists aren’t allowed to get inspired by different cultures anymore, but that’s just the way it is in 2014. It is extra sad in Gwen’s case though, since she and ND always stood up against (real) racism.

  11. I got mixed feelings about it tbh. It’s up to Gwen! If she really feels like she needs them again then I’m cool with that. I’ve always liked the Harajuku girls, they’re incredible dancers. My only problem is about how sensitive people are nowadays on the social networks. I can easily see Gwen facing another backlash. And let’s face it, after the Looking Hot incident, she should play it safe!

  12. I’d like a few brief appearances but for them to no way be a main point of the era… backup dancers and just that would be good rather than them being any focus.. even though I do think they’re cool and I think you should be able to love and display other cultures! I don’t get how it was ever racism; racism should be hate and not love of a culture? Everyone is over-sensitive in today’s society but ah well!!! I just don’t want any bad publicity to stem regarding any of this…

  13. But they’re getting their own cartoon?! So how can they not be part of the new era!? I always loved the Harajuku Girls, such a creative and conceptual part of Gwennies solo career, but also I understand that casual listeners or less informed internet folk might not understand their origins, and that’s where the problem is…

  14. I agree JAM. I think some see it as mocking or stereotyping another culture instead of showing appreciation, admiration and love for it. Especially if it’s a white person doing it.

  15. I think she should just do it like during the TSE era: The Harajuku Girls were still there, but the whole theme didn’t revolve around them. They were just her dance crew and not her silent accessories.

  16. I don’t think she should. I always saw the Harajuku Girls as being an ode to how much Gwen appreciates harajuku culture, but I definitely see why it was seen as racist. Why risk it? And then the looking hot controversy… time to drop the Harajuku Girls, I think. Plus, it’s time for a new era. Harajuku Girls have already been done.

  17. hopefully one of them is knocked up or something cuz i was over it after the “rich girl” video. after that it was soooo cheesy & forced, looking back at the hollaback girl video they look so cheesy ,, she needed to axe them longgggg ago.

  18. wait…… theyre getting there own cartoon???? is this FOR REAL??? cuz if they REALLY are then i deff think she’ll bring them back. is there proof about show?? it could just be a failed pilot

    1. Not much is known about this cartoon, but Gwen had a shooting for it a few months ago. It seems to be happening even though it’s still unclear if it will be a real TV cartoon or just some webshow.

  19. Gwen is also going to release a new set of Harajuku Lovers fragrances in December. I’m 90% sure she will bring them back. If not all at least a couple of them. In my opinion she should bring 1 or 2 and then add a few more dancers from other cultures, a bit like Madonna.

  20. I wish they would return, Gwen + the Harajuku Girls is a winning combination for me!

    -But I can see why the girls and/or Gwen might be all-for their return. Their inclusion in Gwen’s videos back in the LAMB/SE caused enough BS controversies in tabloids… it would be even worse now, magazines have only gotten worse with their falsifying of the truth to get attention!

    -I’m happy for Gwen & Love, Angel, Music & Baby whatever happens… but I really hope they come back one day soon!

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