Poll Results: Your Dream Set List For Gwen’s Show In Los Angeles


Over 500+ votes were tallied and below are your top song picks for Gwen’s live return to the solo stage in Los Angeles tomorrow night. We asked you what you would like to see her perform and your dream set list.

The songs below are listed in order of how they scored in the poll. We expect Gwen to perform 15 tracks or so, so the top picks are highlighted. Which song would you like to see Gwen kick off the show with? Do you think she has any “priceless surprises” up her sleeve for tomorrow night? Special guests? We’re so excited for all of the lucky fans that were able to score tickets to the show tomorrow and we’re sure it will be a memorable night!

During her warmup gig in Qatar late last month, Gwen performed a solid set including a few unexpected surprises (her collaboration track with Calvin Harris, “Together”) and fan favorites (“Danger Zone”).

As always, we appreciate all of the great feedback and comments!

Dream setlist (determined by your votes):

“Now That You Got It” (36%)
“Baby Don’t Lie”(10%)
“Cool” (9%)
“What You Waiting For?” (8%)
“The Real Thing” (4%)
“Wonderful Life” (3%)
“Early Winter” (3%)
“Yummy” (3%)
“Breakin’ Up” (2%)
“Bubble Pop Electric” (2%)
“Serious” (2%)
“4 In The Morning” (2%)
“Spark The Fire” (2%)
“Luxurious” (1%)
“Don’t Get It Twisted” (1%)

The following ranked the lowest on the poll with only 1% or less.

– “Danger Zone”
– “Rich Girl”
– “Wind It Up”
– “Crash”
– “U Started It”
– “Harajuku Girls”
– “Orange County Girl”
– “Fluorescent”
– “The Sweet Escape”
– “Hollaback Girl”
– “Long Way To Go”

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

17 Replies to “Poll Results: Your Dream Set List For Gwen’s Show In Los Angeles”

  1. I agree, I love that song too. It’s one of my favorites from her solo era. It’s funny that Breakin Up is on there when so many seem to hate it (I don’t) LOL

  2. What about Fluorescent 😍 that song and Now That You Got It…Would be AMAZING to hear & see some new material. 💖✌to Gwen, No Doubt, Family & all of us Fans. I wish the tabloids and other rags would refer separately when it’s Gwen Solo & No Doubt as a Band they are different entities 💟

  3. Danger Zone should definitely be higher! And yeah someone clearly voted a lot to get NTYGI. I predict Pharrell will join her for Spark The Fire and possibly Shine. Otherwise I think the setlist will be the same as Quatar except a few more ballads like 4 in the morning and early winter. Maybe Orange County Girl since its in LA. Gwen also said she was relearning Yummy so I think we could expect that. I am most excited to see the costumes! I hope some of the lucky fans are able to get good video footage.

  4. Everyone going to the show tomorrow night needs to download a lighter app for their phones to turn on for Gwen when she sings Spark The Fire!!!!

  5. I’ll have to pack my extra phone charger so I can take pics and all that. I really hope one of the surprises is ND singing Sunday Morning like they did that one time in Irvine. I went NUTS!

  6. Danger Zone is honestly one of Gwen’s best song lyrically and musically. It’ one of her most raw songs emotionally especially when applied to the time it was written. It’s my 3rd most played Gwen solo track after 4 In The Morning and Early Winter. It always makes me a bit sad when I see people prefer Gwen’s more pop-tracks over her slower, more emotionally-driven tracks.

  7. Orange County Girl sounded really good when Gwen first started performing it (long before The Sweet Escape LP came out), a much fuller, guitar-driven rock sound. I was disappointed with the album version. If Gwen performed that version again I’d love to hear it!
    Also, it’s just odd that Gwen is still not performing Baby Don’t Lie. Every promotional event for Baby Don’t Lie, she steered the direction away from that song and towards Start the Fire. I think it’s Gwen giving the middle finger to her management for forcing that single out, but she’s sabotaging her own career in the process…

  8. ^ Rose Marie, she performed Baby Don’t Lie in Qatar. So I’m almost sure she will perform it again tonight.

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