Poll: L.A.M.B. vs. The Sweet Escape

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For today’s fun poll, we wanna know which solo album of Gwen’s came out on top for you: Love.Angel.Music.Baby. or The Sweet Escape? Both releases were different in their own ways and brought something new from Gwen that we hadn’t seen or heard before.

While L.A.M.B. brought us more 80s dance pop oriented sounds, The Sweet Escape featured more urban flare and some incredible ballads that could have been on any No Doubt album. Which was one was your favorite?

10 Replies to “Poll: L.A.M.B. vs. The Sweet Escape”

  1. Im done with ND producing 80s inspired music, the 80s were ok, the 90s were THEIR decade. Wake up and smell the coffee guys!

  2. I will always cherish Gwen’s whole solo career, but L.A.M.B. will always be the better album for me. It’s as perfect as it can get for a pop album imho. The whole concept was so inspiring and at the same time kinda tongue-in-cheek, even though I feel like most people never noticed that. Gwen really showd off her best side both musically and visually with that album. Also let’s not forget that L.A.M.B. was kind of a precursor for female pop music. The mix of retro 80s sounds with contemporary urban elements was unique back in 2004. After L.A.M.B. everybody copied that kind of sound (Fergie, Nelly Furtado etc.). I guess Gwen has never been more iconic and influential. Too bad she never really got as much credit as she would’ve deserved by her peers, who were obviously inspired by it.

    TSE on the other hand did always feel a little too “forced” to me. She just had to make another solo record after L.A.M.B., but I’ve always felt like TSE wasn’t as thoughtful and clever as the first one. Still TSE does have quite a few gems on it.

  3. LAMB all the way… It was the perfect pop album. Every track could be a guilty pleasure. It was the perfect era where pretty much all of Gwen’s hopes, dreams and aspirations came true. The music and style were memorable. It was everything and much more 😉

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